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Cocaine Drug Busts

Sunday, 11 September 2016 on behalf of

Cocaine Thrown from Vehicle During Police Chase Two men are now in custody after they allegedly hit several police vehicles and also threw out some crack cocaine from their car during a wild chase. This happened in Philadelphia. The incident started just before nine o’clock at night. It started when the 15th District narcotics officers

Teen Dies After Friday Shooting

Friday, 02 September 2016 on behalf of

Teen Dies After Being Shot in a Friday Night Shooting   Friday night, tragedy struck for the family of a teenager who died after being killed in a shooting. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said that the teen died due to being shot in the head.   Police say that two cars had been traveling in

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Phoenix Mother Arrested For Child Abuse New details have emerged in a case against Phoenix resident Alejandrina Angel Flores, 27, arrested last week and charged with six counts of child abuse. According to court documents, the Phoenix Police Department received a call from Flores’ sister last Thursday about a domestic-violence situation at Flores’ apartment –

Police Search for Female Suspects Associated with Stealing Money   Police have been searching for two female suspects who were suspected of stealing thousands of dollars from an eighty-one year old woman in Phoenix. The incident happened back in November of 2014. According to Silent Witness, the two females had approached the eighty-one year old

Police Finds Crate Carrying Marijuana   Metro police intercepted a crate containing 140 pounds of marijuana shipped from Phoenix for distribution to street dealers in Nashville Thursday. When detectives received information that the 327 pound wooden crate located at a local freight company could be tied to criminal activity, they sent Caine, a police dog, to check, police

Police Investigate Marijuana and Cocaine Finding Police are fighting the ongoing       A police raid in Oswego County led to the arrest of a man accused of having marijuana, cocaine and thousands of dollars in drug money. Jared M. Kempston, 23, of 104 State St., Phoenix, was charged with third-degree criminal possession of