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Argument Turns into Violent Stabbing Stabbings are something quite scary and ultimately life threatening. Nothing good can come from a stabbing incident. There was an argument that broke out and turned violent quickly in the Ocean Beach area. During the argument, four people were stabbed. According to the reports, the stabbing took place at Brighton

Medical Marijuana Industry Booming Marijuana, medical or recreational isn’t something that is going away anytime soon. So all those people who hate it, might as well jump on the economic wagon and embrace it. Not saying you have to smoke pot but at least let those who want to be allowed to. However, let’s try to

Phoenix Liquor Store Shooting Good ol Phoenix. Never boring that’s for sure. With Phoenix being so close to the border it’s a hot spot for growth but also criminal activity. Families want to move there to be closer to those who are waiting to be deported or have been newly deported and are working on

Man Dies in Phoenix Shooting It’s pretty bad that you can’t go outside of your apartment building without fear of being shot. Should you fear of being shot? Guess it all depends on what neighborhood you live in and what kind of activities you’re involved in. Of course you could be totally innocent and just

Homicide in Phoenix Area

Friday, 14 July 2017 on behalf of

Phoenix Shooting Involving an Officer Being an officer in the Phoenix area isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to shootings and homicide cases. No way would I want that job. I definitley admire them for their hard work, at least the ones who truly do things the right way. According to reports, on

Phoenix Police Respond to Bank Robbery The Phoenix police stay pretty busy. Let’s be honest, any police station stays pretty busy now days, but especially those closer to borders or cities. Recently, the Phoenix Police Department as well as the FBI investigated a bank robbery. This was at 19th Avenue and Van Buren Street. Must