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Cardinals Player Charged For Abusing His Wife and Son

Cardinals Running Back In Trouble for Abusing His Wife and Son


Jonathan Dwyer who is a running back for the Cardinals, is in some trouble. He allegedly head-butted his wife as well as punched her. He allegedly threw a shoe at their infant son and even threatened to commit suicide if she contacted the police.  Talk about a crazy situation. The domestic abuse case had started back in July. The court records showed that Dwyer allegedly tried to kiss his wife and remove her clothing at their apartment in Phoenix. She resisted and even told her husband to stop several times. She even bit his lip to try to get away from him, that is when he allegedly head-butted her.


Court records show that a witness even heard the yelling and they then called the police. When the officers got to the scene, the saw the wife and the young boy (17 months at the time). She had lied to the police and told them she was alone and was “just arguing with a relative over the phone”. However the investigators didn’t fall for it and while they were there investigating they found Dwyer in the bathroom.


The wife left as soon as the police did. She did return after Dwyer supposedly sent her a text saying he would kill himself as well as a picture of a knife. She later told the investigators that Dwyer threatened to kill himself in front of her and their son if she told the police. The following day things got out of hand yet again. Another argument led Dwyer to allegedly punch his wife and throw a show at their son’s stomach. The wife did try to call the police, but Dwyer threw the phone from their second story apartment window.

Witnesses See Wife’s Bruising Face from Cardinals Player’s Abuse

Witnesses say that they did see swelling and bruising on the wife’s face. They even heard her admit that someone had hit her. The wife left Arizona and then reported the alleged assault the Phoenix Police Department. She only felt safe enough to tell after she left Arizona. She even sent the investigators photos of the tore up apartment and the messages from Dwyer.

Cardinals Player, Dwyer was arrested on Wednesday for suspicion of aggravated assault, criminal damage, and preventing someone from calling 911. He, of course, has denied all allegations of physical abuse. He did however admit that he punched the walls in their apartment and then threw his wife’s phone. He was released Thursday morning after bail was posted.



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