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Crimes Against Children

On Behalf of / Friday, 06 October 2017 / Published in assault, battery, felony, Homicide, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury

Police Fight for Crimes Against Children

Child abuse or crimes done to children is absolutely disgusting. In my opinion it’s one of the worse forms of abuse. This is probably why the abusers doesn’t last long in prison.

According to the Woonsocket Police, on Friday they were able to arrest a man who was accused of crimes against children.

The police said that they found twenty-nine year old, Rodolfo Ortiz Rivera. He was hiding out in Springfield, Massachusetts. The police found him just a day after they requested public assistance in finding him.

He must be a real piece of work because he had a warrant out of his arrest for first degree child molestation, second degree child abuse, as well as solicitation of a six year old girl.

Women Charged for Child Abuse

Being a woman and a mother, you would think that a woman wouldn’t want to harm any child. What happened to their motherly instincts? Just because a child has something wrong with them medically doesn’t mean that your love for them stops or your care.

Two women are now being charged for their part in a 2016 case where the five year old little boy suffered seizures and broken bones after he was hit with a hammer. The women enter “please of no contest to all charges”. This is happening in Muskogee County.

Just because they plea no contest doesn’t mean they are guilty or that they are innocent. They just mean that they aren’t admitting to the guilt but have no defense for themselves. So pretty much they’re guilty but don’t want to admit it.

Twenty-six year old Kayla Jones and twenty-nine year old Rachel Stevens were both sentenced to twenty years in jail. They are allowed a one year judicial review.

Both of the young women were charged with one count of child abuse by injury as well as one count of child neglect.

Another Example of Children Being Abused

Boys fight. When a son turns teenager, the father and son are bound to butt heads. But taking a clothes hanger and choking a five year old is a little over the top. No child, no matter how old deserves that.

A Mesa man is accused of choking his five year old son with a clothes hanger. According to the reports from the Mesa police on September 12th they were contacted by the school officials. According to the school a five year old little boy showed up to school with marks on his little chest as well as his neck.

The nurse documented the “cuts and scratches on the child’s head, chest, and marks on his arms”.

Crimes Against Children in Arizona

The little boy told the authorities that his father had choked him with a white clothes hanger and cut his little arm with a  knife. His father is thirty year old, Patrick Lamont Smith.

The police went to the home near Lindsey and Broadway roads where they found some heartbreaking evidence. There were other children in the home and agreed with the victims story. They even told the police that the little boy was “the only one abused that day”. How sad. How long have these poor children had to suffer through this with that man?

The suspect, told the police that yes he does have a white clothes hanger. He uses it to threaten the children when they misbehave.

He did admit to grabbing and yelling at the poor child. However, he denied choking him. He did tell the police that he grabbed the little boy by the back of his neck. Which is horrible in itself.

According to reports, Smith has been charged with aggravated assault as well as child abuse.

Children Abused in Apartment

Sometimes apartment’s get a bad rap. Most people think that apartments are gross and filthy and in some cases, like this one they’re right. Sadly two children under three years old were found living in an apartment which had mold, feces, rotting food and bugs in it. This was in Glendale.

The Glendale police reported that on September 29th they arrived on a call to an apartment near 55th Avenue and Camelback Road. The manager of the apartment’s saw a seventeen month old little girl in a playpen which was covered in flies. How heartbreaking for that poor baby that has no defense for it’s self.

The police say that the home was horrible. It smelled like “decomposing body” inside. They also found the little girl and her two and a half year old brother.

The officers found black mold in the apartment as well as nasty standing water on the floor. How gross is that? Officers also saw rotting food, bugs, and both of the children were covered in dirt.

According to the police, the little boy had feces on both sides of his little face. He also had his name written on his forearm with a marker. Poor little guy.

Luckily, the Arizona Department of Child Safety removed the children from the home. They took them to the local hospital to be evaluated.

The father, twenty-five year old, George Philip Riefler told the police that his apartment had been that way for around three months. He told the police that he had been depressed and felt overwhelmed lately. Well yea, of course is your house is nasty like that you’re going to be depressed and definitely over whelmed.

The young father was arrested on two counts of child abuse.


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