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Deadly Phoenix Shootings

On Behalf of / Tuesday, 16 January 2018 / Published in assault, battery, Homicide, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Fatal Phoenix Shootings

Crime is growing extremely fast. Instead of getting better and growing together, the country keeps getting more and more divided. While some hoped that President Trump’s presidential victory would bring the nation together for better American jobs, less crime, and less illegals it’s also brought a huge segregation against the people of the world.

In Phoenix, a one man crime spree caused havoc on Sunday night. There were two shootings, which ended in death. There was two other shootings, a pair of carjackings, a car chase as well as a self inflicted fatal gunshot wound.

James Holmes who is a Phoenix Police officer said that the Monday investigators had not came up with a motive and that the shooting seemed to be random violence. It occurred at a Motel 6 near Interstate 17  and Northern Avenue.

The suspect was identified as twenty-eight year old, Daterryn McBride. He had to be hospitalized for a gunshot wound and he later died. According to the reports, he had a criminal history.

McBride had shot and killed forty-four year old, Brian Harris as well as forty-four year old, Robert Sykes. He shot them around 10:30 p.m.  There was a clerk that was also shot and is in critical condition.

Phoenix Police Search for Suspect

McBride fled the scene on foot, but not before he shot two people who were just sitting in a pickup truck in a parking lot. The two people were able to drive to a nearby convenience store at 27th and Northern Avenues and were able to get a hold of the police. The pair was treated at the scene.

According to the report, McBride ran into an apartment complex near 27th and Northern avenues. During his flee, he took a man hostage and stole his car as the man’s wife and infant watched. McBride then fled down I-17.

Holmes Statement:

That man got in the car, allowing himself to be kidnapped and wasn’t shot. I can’t imagine the terror he felt.

The car then broke down and McBride left it and then carjacked another victim. He then crashed that car near 16th Street and University Drive in Phoenix.

Police say that McBride then got out of the car and ran into a nearby field. Once in the field, he shot himself.

Phoenix Shootings End Deadly

Now crime continues to grow in Phoenix and other border areas. People are scare they might be deported. The ones that aren’t scared are running illegal deals or scams across the border.

According to the Phoenix police, a twenty-two year old man is now dead. A woman is in pretty critical condition after a shooting in West Phoenix.

Police were able to detain two people from inside of a home where the shooting happened. It happened near 55th and Clarendon avenues, according to Phoenix Police spokesman, Officer James Holmes. It so sad you can’t even be home anymore without being involved in a shooting.

Police are unsure of what the man and woman might have been involved in the shooting. Holmes said that the homicide investigation is now ongoing.

Police had received a call around 4:30 in the morning about an assault at the home. There was a gunfire that broke out just as officers were heading to the scene. The officers got to the scene and found a twenty-two year old man and a woman in her twenties. They were both suffering from gunshot wounds. The man died at the scene of the incident and the woman was taken to a local hospital for being in critical condition.

Phoenix Shooting Ends Deadly for Husband and Wife

According to Officer Holmes, the man and woman was actually husband and wife.

The investigators say that the woman had been at the house when a fight started. She called her husband for him to pick her up. However, a second fight started outside of the home. When the husband arrived with two children, ages three and five there were gunshots fired. The husband and wife were both hit.

The children have been removed from the area and are both luckily safe.

Hopefully officers can find the cause of this incident and get the shooting rates down. I know they work hard to keep people safe, but Phoenix residents are scared. More and more people are arming themselves. Whether it be for self defense or to wreak havoc.

Thankfully the kids weren’t injured in this horrible incident. It’s one thing for fights to happen, but when innocent kids get involved it’s a whole other situation.

Drive By Shooting

Sadly, two teen boys were shot recently in a drive by shooting in West Phoenix.

According to the reports, the Police and firefighters were called to an address near 67th Avenue and Baseline Road. This happened around 1:45 p.m. for a report of a possible drive by shooting.

The police said that there were witnesses who reported seeing two groups in a drug deal when the shots were filed. One of the teens who was shot has sadly died at the scene of the incident.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department spokesman, the other teen also has wounds. The teen has wounds to his arms and legs and is more stable. He has also been taken to an area hospital.

Officers located a suspect vehicle fleeing the scene. The police were able to detain four people who they think are involved in the incident.


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