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Dean Sexually Assaults Student

On Behalf of / Friday, 27 January 2017 / Published in assault

School Dean Sexually Assaults 14 Year Old

Sadly sexual abuse cases aren’t going away. Now a Chicago Public Schools dean has been accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen year old student REPEATEDLY at her school. This started last spring when she had to go to his office for “disciplinary problems”.

According to the prosecutors, twenty-nine year old Stanley Carothers III was the Dean of operations at Bradwell School of Excellence which is a “South Shore turnaround school which is managed by the Academy for Urban School Leadership”.

The young girl was only an eighth grader when the abuse started. She was sent to the dean for her “disciplinary matters” then took her to another room and sexually assaulted her.

According to the reports, Carothers had sex with the young girl at the school or his apartment over the course of the next eight month as well as the summer months.

However, Carothers’ attorney denied the allegations showing a printout of Facebook messages in which the girl had allegedly “recanted and apologized for the setup type situation” .

Sexual Assault Victim

Apparently the “victim” eventually admitted that she was lying and apologized. Carothers was released on a personal recognizance bond with electronic monitoring.

Carothers left Bradwell in November for another CPS school and had to be on unpaid leave.

According to a CPS spokesman, the district of course responded to serious allegations by removing the employee from the school system. They do name the employee but they did say they suspended someone without pay indefinitely.

According to the prosecutors the girl victim had reportedly told her classmate about the abuse last spring, however the police weren’t told until the victim told her family in November. Her relative told the Chicago police.

The young girl had gave a handwritten note to the police later that same day which pinpointed them to Carothers’ apartment. A day after she made the statement, the girl had sex with him yet again. The police took yet another hand written statement from her. I mean yes, it’s pervy and he should a 100% turn her away and tell her parents but she should not go to his house. It’s not like he made her come there.

Student Abuse

Another side to the story is that, Carothers denied allowing any of the students into his home. Carothers and the victim began talking over Facebook Messenger in March. However, he soon asked her to stop texting him on his main account and to message him under him on another account that he used.

The two exchanged sexual messages that discussed times and places to meet for sex and referring to prior sexual contact that had happened between them. How sick. Doesn’t matter what the girl did to come on to him, he shouldn’t have allowed it to go that far.


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