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Extreme Spouse Abuse

On Behalf of / Friday, 01 December 2017 / Published in assault, battery, felony, Homicide, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Man Facing Assault Charges for Choking His Girlfriend

On Saturday evening a woman got choked by her boyfriend because she wasn’t cooking his dinner fast enough. The twenty-seven year old man is now facing aggravated assault charges after choking his girlfriend.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office says that a physical altercation had taken place between the couple because of the girlfriend’s slow cooking.

The twenty-two year old female victim told the authorities that the twenty-seven year old, Dustin Eric Green had threatened to beat her with a rubber mallet. However he then started to choke her.

The Choking Girlfriend Fights Back

According to the police officials, the woman grabbed a knife and stabbed the man in the leg as a defense. However, the male then started to beat the young woman in the back of her head.

According to the Mohave police, they were called to respond to a home near the Thompson and Northern Avenues. This was around six o’clock in the evening. They found out that Dustin had two warrants for his violation of probation as well as failure to pay fines.

Dustin told the police officials that he was stabbed and then he was taken to a local hospital so that he could be treated. He was later released from the hospital and booked into the Mohave County Jail.


Man Gets Shot in Back for Talking to Another Man’s Ex-Girlfriend

Police have now found a thirty-five year old man that is suspected of shooting someone in the back on early Tuesday morning. Apparently the two gentleman had gotten into an argument over the suspect’s ex-girlfriend in West Phoenix.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the suspect and a thirty-one year old man got into an argument near the 51st Avenue and McDowell Road around three o’clock in the morning. The argument started when the victim talked to the suspect’s ex-girlfriend. How crazy is that? People are getting absolutely crazy these days!

The police said that the suspect took out a gun and then the two gentlemen struggled. The gun then went off and hit the suspect on his backside. The suspect then shot the other gentleman in the back and fled the incident scene.

Victim Taken to Hospital for Wound from Suspect Shooting

The gunshot victim was taken to the local hospital for surgery and luckily he is expected to survive according to the Phoenix Police. The Officers came to the scene when they responded to reports of a shooting in the area and was able to track down the suspect to the area around Buckeye Road and the 17th Avenue, according to the police. He was then taken to the hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound as well. The suspect is expected to be booked into jail as soon as he is discharged.

So people should apparently be careful who you talk to these days. You never know who might have a crazy ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Seriously though, people, try to stay calm. If you’re jealous don’t shoot someone. Then you’ll end up being a suspect.

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  • Challenging the Reliability of an Eyewitness
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