Felony Robbery Case

Robberies in Phoenix On the Rise

Linked Armed Robbery

Several armed robberies have taken place over the last couple months in Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix. Police think that maybe the robbery suspect that was recently caught in Mesa could be the link between those in Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix.

According to the Mesa police report, on January 9th forty-nine year old Ronald Ruben Rodriguez went into a sandwich shop near the Alma School and Baseline Roads. He then ordered a ham and turkey sandwich.

Once he got to the cash register Rodriguez reportedly pulled a handgun on the employee then robbed the store and left the area.

Unfortunately the police officers weren’t able to find Rodriguez but they did identify him through the store surveillance video. Police think that Rodriguez has been involved in sandwich shop armed robberies in Chandler, Phoenix, and one other Mesa location. They suspect he might also be involved in a Phoenix bank robbery.

Police say that Rodriguez is a convicted felon who has already spent eleven years of his life in a federal prison. For what? Armed robbery of course.

He is now being charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery.

Business Owner Takes on Armed Robber

Thankfully one business owner was prepared for anything on a Friday afternoon when two armed robbers tried to rob his business.

According to the Phoenix Police, the incident happened just before three in the evening. They had to respond to an armed robbery at a Coins shop near Tatum and Greenway. The police said that the suspects were a man and woman. When the would be robbery suspects walked into the shop the owner shot the male suspect and held the pair of them at gunpoint until the officers arrived. Good for them, maybe more robbery suspects will get scared and take note and stop with the constant robberies in Phoenix.

The male suspect had to be taken to the hospital for his non life threatening injuries. The woman was later identified as twenty-eight year old, Brittany Reid. She was booked and was charged for one count of armed robbery.

Felony Criminal Offenses

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Understanding Your Rights

It is important to fully understand your rights when you are facing a felony criminal offense and our expert attorneys will provide you with the necessary information that you need to be equipped for a successful case. In some circumstances, a Diversion Program may be established with alternative options other than jail or prison time. Felony Criminal Offense cases require careful examination to determine the status of your legal situation and to make efforts toward dismissing or removing detrimental felony allegations from your permanent record.

First Time Felony Defense

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