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Phoenix Robberies Gone Wrong

On Behalf of / Friday, 10 March 2017 / Published in assault, bank robbery, battery, felony, Personal Injury

Phoenix Robber Uses Snapchat to Lure Victim

The good days of new social media, where you can literally do anything and find anything. Honestly, is there any wonder that crime rates are higher and sex victims are easily found? Nope not really.

Now a Phoenix woman had been lured by a Snapchat friend into an armed robbery. Seriously? How can someone even try to blame that on someone else? Anyways, the robber’s car was later taken after he was stabbed several times.

The Phoenix Police were able to arrest twenty-one year old, Savannah Renee Pierce on March 16th. This was for her involvement in a carjacking that happened on January.

The police report said that Pierce had used Snapchat to make a friend and then convinced him to meet her because she was having financial issues and needed some money.

The man met her and Pierce asked him to drive her to a friends house which was near 39th and Glendale Avenues. They then parked at a local park so that they could wait on her friend’s arrival. As they waited Pierce and the victim started making out in the car. However, a man then banged on the window. Pierced unlocked the door and let the man into the car. When the victim wouldn’t get out of the car the other man stabbed him in the arm four times with a large knife. The male victim then got out of the car and the two suspects fled with the car.

The police luckily found the car pretty quickly, just a few days later. Pierce at first denied knowing the male suspect even though the police showed her they had proof that they had been in a relationship on and off again in the past.

Now Pierce is being charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Bank Robber is Mother of Four in Phoenix

Being a mother is a hard job. Of course you always want the best for your children and always want to give them a better life. Times are hard, but is a life of crime the best answer for that? Probably not.

A mother of four has recently been arrested for a bank robbery and might be linked for another robbery.

The Goodyear police have reported that there was a twenty nine year old woman named Lizette Luna who entered a Wells Fargo Bank which was inside of a Safeway Store. The store was located at 141st Avenue and Indian School Road.

The Police say she was relatively calm about the situation, she gave the teller a note saying, “someone had a gun pointed at the teller and would use it if she didn’t comply”.

According to the reports after she got the money she got into a gold colored Nissan Pathfinder and fled the scene. The police responded to the silent alarm and spotted the Pathfinder which was only a few miles away from the scene. Luckily, they were able to make the arrest.

The bank employees were able to identify Luna as the bank robber. Luna later told the authorities that she had left her four kids with her boyfriend and family members and she was just on her way to a doctor’s appointment.

Seems like she veered a little off course from her doctor’s appointment. The police were able to find a wig and baseball cap in the vehicle which matched the descriptions that the bank employees gave the police.



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