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Two Different Types of Shooting Cases

On Behalf of / Friday, 29 April 2016 / Published in assault, battery, Bed Bugs, Homicide, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Shooting Case Causes Police To Question Teenagers Involved

As if a shooting isn’t bad enough, it’s absolutely tragic when multiple children or teens are involved. This case is a little different than the usual shooting stories that hit the news though.

Police believe that multiple teenagers had to of been in the same room as a shooting that took place. The shooting that left a sixteen year old boy dead on Wednesday night. Let’s just hope that this isn’t some kind of bullying thing. Let’s hope that if there was multiple people that know what happened that they come forward and tell the police what they know. The family of this boy needs justice and peace of knowing what really happened when they sadly last their son.

Sgt. Jonathan Howard from the Phoenix Police Department, was unable to identify the victim on Thursday. However, the police are hoping to identify or narrow down the teens that were in that room when this happened.

The Police believe that these teenagers just ran away after the shooting. Which how sad is that? Did those other teens also fear for their lives? Was this just a prank that went wrong? Why would these kids be scared if they didn’t have something majorly involved in this? Maybe they’re just scared of what will happen?

Police Search for Teenage Shooting Victim’s Murderer

No one has been arrested for this shooting at this time. However, the police are investigating and will continue to do so. They are trying to figure out what caused such a tragic event? The shooting happened at a home near 23rd Street and Cactus Road. Even though authorities tried to save the young man, he was still taken to the hospital, where he sadly died.

If anyone has any information about the shooting or the victim, please contact the Phoenix Police at 602-262-6241 or even the Silent Witness program at 480-Witness.


Police Arrest Suspect for Allegedly Shooting Two Men in Glendale

Usually Thursday’s are quiet days. Everyone is wore out from a long week of work, you’re just ready for a relaxing weekend and a good nights sleep or a night out on the town, whatever floats your boat.

Every family has issues with who someone is dating. Most the time it’s the girls that choose horrible boyfriends, don’t get me wrong there are some nice guys out there that choose the absolutely craziest women. When you’re young and you date out of your comfort zone, you never think of them doing something to actually harm someone. However, you real never know these days.

According to the local police, they now have in custody a man that they suspect shot two men outside of a Glendale home on Thursday. The incident happened around three o’clock in the afternoon. According to the Glendale Police, the suspect was twenty-eight year old, Efrain Hartley. He was arrested not long after the shooting happened.

Police Arrest Shooting Suspect

The Glendale police say that twenty-four year old, Shaquille Johnson was outside of a home with his twenty year old brother near 91st and Glendale Avenues. As they were standing outside, Hartley came up to them and started shooting them.

Both of the young men were taken to the local hospital. Police say that Shaquille Johnson later died from his injuries from the shooting. His younger brother is still in critical condition.

According to some witnesses, the victims and the suspect knew each other. Apparently they had a “verbal altercation” that happened just before the shooting.

Apparently Mr. Hartley was dating one of the victims’ sister. Hartley is booked on charges that relate to homicide of Shaquille Johnson and the shooting of a second victim.




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