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Parents Warning Children About “Stranger Danger”

On Behalf of / Monday, 25 August 2014 / Published in assault, felony

Phoenix Police Advise Parents to Warn Children About “Stranger Danger”


After an incident that involved an eight year old little girl, the Phoenix police are advising parents to talk to their children about “Stranger Danger”.  Of course you would think most parents would strongly warn children about strangers anyway, but it’s nice that the law enforcement is wanting to help and remind the parents of those dangers.


According to the Phoenix Police, the little girl had just gotten off of the school bus near 13th and Campbell avenues around one o’clock in the afternoon last Wednesday. The little girl was walking to her home when a pickup truck had stopped and then the driver opened the pickup truck door.


Stranger Exposes Himself to 8 Year Old Girl

According to the police report from the Phoenix Police department, the driver of the pick up wasn’t wearing any pants and he was exposing himself as well as masturbating in front of the eight year old little girl. The little girl immediately ran home and met her father just as he was arriving home.


The shocked and outraged father got back into his vehicle and then followed the suspect as the man in the pick up truck drove around another neighborhood which was near the 19th Avenue and Indian School Road. The Phoenix Police said that the father watched as the man began to drive slow near yet another young girl that was wearing a school uniform. However, for whatever reason, the man in the pickup suddenly sped away and the father suddenly lost sight of the suspect. Luckily, the quick thinking father was able to get the license plate number of the pickup truck.


The father called the Phoenix Police and gave them the license plate number. The police records showed that the pickup belonged to a Danny Ray Jones. Jones is a sixty-two year old registered sex offender. The Phoenix Police detectives immediately went to Mr. Jones’ home and waited for him to return home again.


Around six thirty that evening a patrol officer noticed Jones’ truck in the area of his home. Jones was driving on the wrong side of the road and the officer was able to pull him over. Police Investigators say that Jones even admitted he was in the area where the little girl was walking and even admitted to being naked and masturbating in front of her.


Jones Gets Arrested for Exposing Himself

Danny Ray Jones was then booked into the local jail for one count of Indecent Exposure. Indecent Exposure in Phoenix is a Class 3 Felony. Phoenix Police are proud of the girl and her father for the way they handled the situation. The police say that this incident is an important reminder that every parent needs to constantly remind their children about “Stranger Danger” and have a plan in place for if something like this should ever happen to them.

Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/phoenix-police-registered-sex-offender-jailed-on-new-charge


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