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UPS Worker Trades $160,000 Diamond for $20 Worth of Marijuana

On Behalf of / Wednesday, 01 October 2014 / Published in felony, Narcotics

Man Trades $160,000 Diamond for a Little Marijuana


A former UPS worker has been accused of stealing a packaged that contained a $160,000 diamond. The man then traded the valuable jewel for a measly twenty dollars worth of marijuana. Seriously? How crazy can people get now days?! A gorgeous, valuable diamond for freaking twenty dollars worth of drugs? Apparently he wasn’t a smart UPS worker.


According to the court documents, twenty year old Walter Earl Morrison was working for the UPS while he was unloading a plane in the cargo section of the Sky Harbor Airport. Walter bravely but stupidly stuffed the package under his shirt. Morrison for whatever reason, thought the packaged had contained cash, however when he opened that package he was surprised to find the diamond. Why would he automatically assume cash was in a package? People these days blow my mind.


House of Diamonds Owner, Brent Taubman’s Statement about the Price Diamond

Any single stone over $100,000 is an expensive stone.


According to the documents, Morrison allegedly traded the expensive diamond for the marijuana before he was caught. Are you kidding me? According to a UPS spokesperson, luckily the stolen diamond was recovered and then delivered to the person it was intended to go to in the first place. It’s no surprise that UPS then fired Walter Morrison for his crazy actions. The authorities charged Walter Morrison for felony theft last week. At the Morrison home the man who was there would not open the door or make any comments on the matter.


How ridiculously crazy is this case? Who would be crazy enough to trade a diamond for a little bit of marijuana. Hopefully the silly Walter has learned his lesson and when he comes out of jail he’ll be a new man on the straight and narrow. No more marijuana.

Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/fired-ups-worker-accused-of-stealing-160k-diamond-trading-it-for-20-worth-of-marijuana




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