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9 Year Old Little Girl Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor

On Behalf of / Thursday, 28 August 2014 / Published in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Shooting Range Instructor Killed By 9 Year Old Little Girl


Gun Control is a huge issue. The president as well as many other people are trying to get control over people’s gun rights. If anything this recent incident will give those non-gun parties a good argument.


The owner of an Arizona shooting range is guilty with some huge regrets of letting a 9 year old little girl fire an Uzi submachine gun. I’ve been around guns my whole life, but how this happened is beyond me. I feel so sorry for everyone involved. I’m not sure I would let a nine year old little girl shoot a machine gun though. Anyways, the little girl lost control of the gun and accidentally shot one of the other instructors at the shooting range. Where in the world is this young girl’s parents? Why would they allow this girl to shoot a gun like that?


Little Girl Loses Control of Submachine Gun


The shooting instructor, Charles Vacca was innocently standing beside the unidentified nine year old little girl on that Monday at the Last Stop Outdoor Shooting Range. The range is located in White Hills Arizona, which is just twenty-five miles from Las Vegas. As Vacca was standing next to the girl, she squeezes the trigger.


On Wednesday, the little girl’s parents signed waivers saying that they understood the rules of the range and was just a short distance from her, video taping her as she shot the gun when the accident happened, according to the shooting range operator, Sam Scarmardo.


According to Sam, his policy is “allowing children 8 and older to fire guns under adult supervision” and the watchful eye of an instructor. That is just standard practice in the shooting range industry.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-northern-az/other/arizona-girl-shoots-kills-instructor-last-stop-owner-says-he-regrets-letting-girl-fire-gun


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