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Former Phoenix Elementary School Teacher Sexually Abused Students

On Behalf of / Friday, 13 March 2015 / Published in assault, battery, Personal Injury

Sexual Predators Found Everywhere


Sexual predators are on the rise. They are sneaky and can pretty much anywhere in the world. They could be an old neighbor, a teacher, a doctor, there are literally no tattle tale signs of a sexual predator. Some of the nicest people can be harboring a deep dark secret.


Some of the sexual assault cases are solved pretty quickly, however some could go on for years. Police try their best to catch these criminal’s as quickly as possible, but sometimes proof is hard to find or the suspect flees and goes into hiding.


Sexual Assault


Sexual assault is considered a personal offense.  A Personal Offense is made for “codes to protect the physical integrity of the body”.


Battery is a type of personal offense as well. Most people think Battery means “unlawful touching” that does not include the knocks and jolts of everyday life. An example of battery would be someone touching you in a harmful way.


Assault is creating a fear of “imminent battery”. Assault is like when someone attacks you in a fight. Other forms of battery can include: non-consensual intercourse or rape is considered an egregious form of battery. Sexual assault would fall into this category as well.


Examples of Sexaul Assault


Phoenix Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault

As sad as it is, there are plenty of examples of sexual assault cases just in Phoenix alone. A recent breakthrough on a local sexual assault investigation brings closure to one family.


Phoenix police have arrested an after-school arts and crafts instructor. The man was also a former Phoenix elementary school teacher. The investigators have stated that the man had sexually abused children as well as some of his own students. This went on for over a decade.


Jose Ruben Mada was arrested on a Tuesday. He was first arrested to crimes involving a teenage girl who he had known back in the mid 1990’s. According to the police report, Jose Mada’s sexual abuse run, dated back all the way to the early 2000’s.


Apparently it was happening before the 2000’s though, because the accuser claimed she had been abused from 1995-1997.  At that time, she was only in eighth grade. Poor girl must have been scared to death. The girl told the police that Mada had came into her room and would touch her body, such as her breasts and vagina while kissing her. She also told the authorities that Mada had told her not to tell anyone.


The now, woman gave the investigators a letter that her former instructor had written to her. The letter stated that his actions were “unacceptable”. When she was able to confront him, for something I’m sure has bothered her, her whole life, he simply said he did not know why exactly he did it. He claimed that it was “just one of those things that happened”.


Mada is currently a teacher for an after-school arts and crafts program that is for children between the ages six and twelve. The police report also said that the allegations against, fifty-four year old Mada had said that he had inappropriately touched and kissed his students over the years.


In 2002 he was a fourth grade teacher at the Bethune Elementary school. Documents show that the State Board of Education records showed that Mada had been fired from the Phoenix Elementary School District that year. This was after the sexaul harassment charges.


 Sexual Predator Takes Polygraph Test


The investigating officers at the time, gave Mada a polygraph test (lie detector) after there was another incident with a third grade girl who said that he had lifted her shirt above her breasts and then rubbed her stomach. However, he was cleared from any kind of criminal conduct after the examination.


Mada then went to teach at the Rose Linda Elementary school, which is still in the Roosevelt Elementary district.  Mada didn’t stay under the radar long though. In 2009 he actually resigned after one of his students had claimed to the school nurse that she was afraid of Mada because he would kiss her, touch her legs, and even slap her on her buttocks. However, according to the State Board of Education documents, there was no proof of any criminal acts. Mada finally gave up teaching in 2010.


According to the police report, he actually admitted to his struggle with his sexual attraction to children, which had been going on for years. It’s hard to tell how many children he had tried to mess with, he had been in the school system as a teach or teacher’s aid for twenty-six years.


Mada is being held without bond for charges of “dangerous crimes against children”.


Sexual Assault


Sexual Abuse is sometimes called molestation. Molestation is when someone is forcing undesired sexual behavior by one or more people towards another. When the force is “right now” or immediate, short term, it’s called a sexual assault. Most the time the offender is then called a sexual abuser or a molester. When the victim of sexual abuse is younger than the age of consent, then that is child sexual abuse.


Child Sexual Abuse, is a form of child abuse. It is when the child is sadly abused for the sick sexual satisfaction of an adult or older adolescent. There are several forms of child sex abuse.


Child Sex Abuse Examples


Sexual Contact is one form. That is when an adult or whoever is engaging in indecent exposure of their personal body parts to a child with the intent to “gratify” their own sexual desires.


The effects of child sexual abuse could and most likely does last a life time. Most victims feel guilt, self blame, flashbacks, nightmares, trouble sleeping, low self esteem, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, addiction, self injury, suicidal tendencies, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, as well as other life long symptoms.


Victims of child sex abuse are over six times more likely to attempt to commit suicide. They are eight times more likely to try to repeatedly kill themselves. In Fact, much of the side effects of child sexual abuse actually come later in life.


It’s a sad thing to think about. I know I’m terrified to send my child to school. You literally never know who a pedofile could be. You never want your child or anyone to experience the fear, pain, and all the trauma from being sexually abused. The school system and police can only do so much to keep your children safe. It’s sad to think that the people who are supposed to be protecting and caring for your children could very well be one of the people hurting them.


There are plenty of help-line’s if you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse. You can call anonymously at any time to talk. No one will judge you, they are here to help. If someone you know or love has been abused, please try those help hot lines.


Make sure to always talk to your children about their teachers. Let them know that if something goes on that makes them uncomfortable that they can always tell you and not get in trouble. A lot of kids feel like they did something wrong, so make sure that your children always know that they have that freedom to come and talk to you.



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