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Man Attacks College Girl On Her Way to Dorm

On Behalf of / Wednesday, 12 November 2014 / Published in assault, Personal Injury

Investigation Into Man Attacking College Girl

The police are investigating a attack of a Grand Canyon University student that was attacked on Tuesday night.  Jonathan Howard, who is a Sgt. at the Phoenix Police stated that the attack happened around eight o’clock in the evening. It happened right across the street from the campus which is near 35th Avenue and Camelback Road.


Sgt. Howard said that the college student was walking to her dorm when a man suddenly attacked her with a knife. The young woman was able to use her pepper spray and a whistle to escape. Which is awesome. More women need to quit thinking it’s stupid to carry such things, it could save your life!


Grand Canyon University spokesman, Bob Romantic told the NEWS that the young lady was able to walk to a security office and report the attack.


College Student’s Quick Thinking Save Her Life


The police say that the young woman had suffered minor injuries to her stomach, but she is expected to be okay. Sgt. Howard said that the suspect however, was able to get away. Police are looking for a Hispanic male who is in his twenties. He’s around five foot, nine inches tall. Last seen wearing a dark t-shirt and jeans.


According to Romanitc’s response, the school has removed a fence that had been set up on the edge of campus. They also installed more lights. Hopefully people won’t be lurking around campus anymore.


The school issued the following statement Wednesday night:

The safety of our students is of utmost importance to the university. We are thankful the student is OK and are working with the Phoenix Police Department to investigate the incident further.


Phoenix Police have also stepped up the patrols in that area to help out on the potential threats.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/pd-student-attacked-at-grand-canyon-university-

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