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Man Charged For Stabbing A Person at Walgreens

Man Imprisoned for Stabbing Walgreens Customer


Times are getting pretty tough when you can’t even go to the local pharmacy without being attacked. Personally I would be terrified to be a bank teller, convince store employee or anything that has to do with dealing with money in the public. People are struggling and will do anything to get some money. Heck most people that are robbing others are just trying to take the easy way out.


A man has now been charged for the attempts of first-degree murder. He allegedly was involve with stabbing a customer at Walgreens. The suspect, Christopher Gale purchased a knife from the local Walmart on September 21st. Christoper used the knife to stab a Walgreens customer who was shopping at the time. The Walgreens was located at West Osborn Road and North Central Avenue, according to the police.


Christoper Gale Attacks Walgreens Customer


According to the Phoenix Police, Christopher approached the shopper from behind and stabbed the female victim in the back of her neck. The lady then turned to face Christoper Gale and that is when he told her that he was “I’m killing you to save the world”. She then pushed him away and screamed. The victim and suspect did not know each other.


Luckily a federal agent was in the store as well, he was off duty at the time. The federal agent was standing in line at the checkout when he heard the female victim scream. The agent then ran to see what was happening. The agent was luckily armed and pointed the gun at Christoper Gale. He took control of the situation and yelled for Christoper to drop to the ground, Gald complied. The federal agent then held Christopher at gunpoint until the police backup was able to arrive. The suspect was read his Miranda rights and then Christopher admitted to buying the knife because he just wanted to “stab and kill” someone.


The female victim suffered from a large laceration and puncture wound to the base of her head. Authorities say it was 1.75” deep.




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