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Man Dies After Strange Events Happen in Phoenix

On Behalf of / Tuesday, 11 November 2014 / Published in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Man Dies in Phoenix After a Series of Strange Events


Sunday morning in Phoenix, a man died after a series of strange events happening. The incident is till being investigated at this time. The Phoenix Police say that the officers were called to 39th and Orangewood Avenues in Phoenix around sick o’clock in the morning.  This was after they had recieved several calls from a forty-eight year old man who claimed he was undergoing a medical issue. The dispatchers say that the statements that the man was making seemed like the man was having hallucinations and didn’t make any sense.


Neighbors also made calls to the authorities, saying that the man was disturbing them. The man had been reportedly trying to break into several homes and was throwing items, and damaging properties. He even got into several confrontations with some of the neighbors.


Victim Neighbor Statement about the Phoenix Incident

I [had] him at gunpoint… screaming like, ‘Don’t come in! I got a gun and I got kids, and I’m going to shoot you!


Apparently the man had tried to break into a neighbor’s home and broke the front window and tried to get into the house. Police had recieved around fifteen calls about the man. They’re not quite sure how many was from the man himself though.


Neighbor Statement:

I was not going to put [my family] at risk, he was insane.


When the officers got to the scene, they tried to contact the man however he didn’t believe they were there to help him. He then proceeded to try to punch the officers. After a struggle with the authorities they pulled him off the ground and was able to detain him. However, the soon realized the man had stopped breathing.


The man was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police do not know what happened exactly but they are looking into the incident. The man had not been tasered and there were no known medical conditions with him.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/phoenix-pd-man-collapsed-died-after-being-detained-following-calls-of-break-ins-erratic-behavior


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