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Man in Custody After Standoff in Phoenix

Man Arrested After Stand Off in Phoenix


On Sunday a night a thirty-five year old man was arrested after a standoff in South Phoenix. The Phoenix police responded to the call on 24th Street and Baseline Road. The call came at six,forty-five in the evening. The call was reported as a man standing at a corner and was holding a machine gun.


When the Phoenix Officers arrived to the scene they found the thirty-five year old man, Aristeo Saliz, in the front yard of a home. There was also a forty-year old female victim there as well. According to the police, Saliz ran into the home as soon as he saw the officers.


Police Talk to Standoff Victim


After the authorities talked to the female victim, they had determined that she had actually had an order of protection against the suspect. The suspect, Saliz actually had some felony warrants for his arrest.


The officers were able to surround the home. The police took some precautions and had some of the neighborhood residents evacuate. After a few hours of some tough negotiating the officers finally entered the home and were able to find Saliz, who was hiding in the attic.


Saliz was arrested and according to the police, it looked like he was having symptoms of having a seizure. The suspect was quickly treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital. Mr. Saliz was released from the hospital and then he was quickly booked into jail for violating the order of protection as well as his felony warrants and possessing a firearm.


It has not been said what caused this rampage or the condition of the female victim.




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