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Man Sentenced for 62 Years in Prison for 2013 Shooting

Man Shoots Phoenix Officer and Sentenced for 62 Years


A convicted felon has now been sentenced to sixty-two years in prison for the 2013 shooting that had wounded a Phoenix Police Officer. These police officers put their life on the line to keep our lives safe, so I’m glad this officer will get some peace knowing that his shooter is facing the consequences. Not often enough, do the victims get to see justice from the suspects. This was a win for all wounded police officers.


The Maricopa County prosecutors say that the shooter, Brandon McCabe was sentenced on Thursday to an “aggravated term”.  He had been convicted back in August for attempted first-degree murder as well as: aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, misconduct involving weapons, and resisting arrest.  Quite a colorful past for our shooter.


McCabe Has Criminal Past


On January 6, 2013 Brandon McCabe was accused of shooting Police Officer, Peter “Chris” Bennett on that January night.  Luckily thirty-six year old Officer Bennett survived his gunshot wounds. He suffered injuries to his face, right hip, and right arm. Apparently Officer Bennett survived the wounds. He approached the shooter, McCabe in an area which has a pretty high burglary rate.


Brandon had ignored the Officer’s command and then the two then exchanged gunfire. McCabe was then arrested after he was found hiding in a nearby shed, like a little coward. He also had some gunshot wounds to both of his hands. Sounds like it would have been a crazy gun shoot out.


Hopefully less officers are injured keeping our streets safe. They work hard all year round with many hours, they definitely do not get paid enough. Let’s hope Officer Bennett’s recovery goes well and he’s back to being himself.  We need more police and more citizens like Officer Bennett and less people like McCabe in this crazy world.