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Man Shoots Son-In-Law with Flare Gun

On Behalf of / Friday, 09 May 2014 / Published in felony, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Arizona Man Shoots Son-n-Law with Flare Gun and Attempts to Stab Him

George Brown is a sixty-six year old Arizona man. He is suspected of shooting his Son-In-Law with a flare gun. He then proceeded to try to stab the younger man with a pocket knife, according to the police.

George later told the authorities that he was “fixin’ to kill” Heston Carr, his Son-In-Law. All of this because of a domestic dispute that occurred between the two men. The dispute then turned violent that Saturday morning.

According to the KPHO, Heston Carr thought for sure that he was going to die in the vicious attack.

AZ family gives details about the flare gun attack

According to court documents, Brown punched Carr in the face three times then shot him in the abdomen with a flare gun, causing an open wound with burns.

Brown told Chandler police that he saw Carr on the ground, moved toward him with a knife and said, “I was fixin to kill him,” then attempted to stab him with a folding knife, according to court records.

The local police say that there has been a pretty violent history with the Son-In-Law and his father-in-law.

George Brown’s Charges over the Flare Gun incident

One count of second-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault and disorderly conduct.