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Mother Facing Child Charges for Stabbing Her Children

On Behalf of / Monday, 15 December 2014 / Published in assault, battery, felony, Personal Injury

 Mother Arrested for Stabbing Both of Her Children


According to the police, a Valley area mother is now going to face child abuse charges after stabbing both of her children. How could anyone do that?


The court documents showed that Brenda Begay had called 911 on Monday. She claimed that both of her kids were dying.  When the police got to the scene at 13th Avenue and Ironwood Drive, what they found was heart breaking. They found a twelve year old girl with a stab wound to her chest.


The Phoenix Police investigators say that the young girl woke up to her mother stabbing her. The little girl then told the officers that she ran to her older, (thirteen year old) brother’s room and found that he was lying on the floor. Police say that Begay’s son also had multiple stab wounds to the chest and on his wrist.


Neighbor, Jesus Gamez, Statement about the Stabbing

Why would a parent do that to their own child? I want to know what her state of mind was during that time.


I doubt you would really want to know what the heck someone was thinking when they murder or attempt to murder someone. Those poor children.


The court documents also show that Begay actually admitted to the police that she had wanted her kids to die. She was “trying to protect them” from getting raped. The documents also suggest that Begay might be in-stable.


This wasn’t Begay’s first run in with the Department of Child Safety. She has prior cases with them, she was convicted in 2005 in a child abuse case. During the trial, the courts questioned Begay’s mental state. They conducted an evaluation and gave her some medication.  Begay has severed six months in jail and fifteen years probation.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/valley-mom-brenda-begay-accused-of-stabbing-two-kids


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