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New Domestic Violence Shelter Gives Victims Hope

On Behalf of / Thursday, 27 November 2014 / Published in assault, battery, Personal Injury

Victims of Domestic Abuse Go to Shelter and Receive Hope


Domestic violence is often getting shoved under the rug. It seems like you can beat your spouse, go to jail for a week then just a probation period. Recently it’s becoming more popular for people in the public eye, such as football players or baseball players to be able to be accused of domestic violence and they just get a little slap on the wrist and everything is all good.  However, there are domestic violence advocates trying to bring awareness and trying to turn headlines about domestic violence into a different sight.


Maria Garay’s Statement about Domestic Violence

Historically we don’t want to talk about domestic violence. And I think for the first time the NFL. and the focus on them is allowing people to talk about domestic violence. I think that’s a very good think because we need to talk about it more as society. One in 4 women will be impacted by domestic violence.


Maria runs the “Sojourner Center” which is an “organizations that offers shelter to women and children who are victims of domestic violence”.  Since this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Sojourner Center is concentrating on relaunching their efforts of awareness of domestic violence. The shelter center is also going to be reaching out to the community to help those victim families who have pets as well as doing more research to get insight of what causes domestic violence.


 Maria’s Statement about Plans for the Shelter

Pets, believe it or not are a big factor in domestic violence. Many women don’t want to leave because they have a pet and they don’t want to leave the animal behind.


The shelter center is also trying to research more about a new trend that they have been seeing amongst the domestic violence victims. They’ve noticed that a lot of the women are showing signs of head trauma and signs of a concussion.


Maria’s Statement

95% of women who have been impacted by domestic violence report that they have concussions or similar trauma brain injuries. That’s significant and we need to do and know more.


They are asking that if you know of anyone who has or is a victim of domestic abuse/violence to please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/sojourner-center-offers-help-resources-to-domestic-violence-victims



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