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Phoenix Man Sentenced to Live In Prison For Killing  2 Year Old

According to the local authorities, a Phoenix man has now been sentenced to a natural life in prison for the 2010 death of his girlfriend’s 2 year old son. It’s so sad someone could harm a little two year old child. This man probably deserves worse than what he got.

The Maricopa County prosecutors say that Walter Munoz, who is only twenty- eight years old was sentenced on Monday for first-degree murder. Munoz pleaded guilty for the death of 2 year old, Daniel Resendiz at the West Phoenix apartment complex. The young boy’s mother also made some statements that led to the arrest of Munoz.

Man Gets Drunk and Kills 2 Year old Boy

The court records show that Munoz claimed that he was drunk on that October 30, 2010. While he was drunk, he tripped over the boy in the apartment complex. First of all, why in the world would you be drinking or be drunk around a toddler? How irresponsible could someone be? Where was this boy’s mother? Why wasn’t this poor little boy looked after better?!

This next part of the story, is absolutely sickening. The court records showed that Munoz actually started to bite the 2 year old little boy and then beat him with his own fists until the little boy died. This is so sad, and heartbreaking. That poor baby boy. How could anyone be low enough to do this?!

The mother returned home later, that is when Munoz told her something was wrong with her 2 year old.  The mother grabbed the little boy then ran across the street to call 911. Sorry, to this mother, but it’s a little late to be protective after the baby is dead. I’m so heartbroken over this story.


Children Taken From Sexual Abuse Home

Two children have now been reportedly rescued from a home of a Phoenix woman. The woman who allegedly admitted to sexually abusing them and even creating child pornography.

As a parent, this article is heartbreaking to read let alone write about. How could anyone let a lone a PARENT harm a child? How could someone be so sick as to do anything sexual with a child?! This is just horrible, and sadly these cases are on the rise. What the heck is wrong with people?

According tot he Phoenix Police, Roxanne Chapin who is only twenty-six years old admitted to molesting the children. How horrible. The children were only three and six years old. She also admitted to taking photos of the abuse and distributing the images.

Police Keep Sexually Abused Children’s Identity Secret for Their Protection

Police are not going to exposes these children’s names. First of all they are underage and this whole ordeal is horrible, they don’t want to make things harder on the children. They are also keeping quiet about the relationship between the woman and the children for extra safety precautions.

Police have been searching Chapin’s home which is near 23rd Avenue and the Loop 101. They found some more images of other children being abused as well. Ugh, makes me sick.

The Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children were able to rescue these innocent children after the department was able to find some imagines of the children online.

Chapin was arrested on Friday night. She was then booked into jail on one count of child molestation, two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Police are asking that if anyone thinks their children might have been involved, please let them know. Anyone with information please call Internet Crimes Against Children at 623-466-1828 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.



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