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Phoenix Woman Accused of Abusing Her Son

 Woman Accused of Abusing Her Two Year Old Son


When you have a child, most people want to protect them and keep them from harm. How a woman could abuse her own son is beyond me. I can’t understand how anyone would harm a child, let alone your own flesh and blood.


A woman from Phoenix has now been accused of abusing her two year old son. She has pleaded no contest to the child abuse or the sexual misconduct with a minor charge. Seriously? That poor baby. You wouldn’t think a mother could do that to her own son. You usually have to worry about predators outside of the house, not in.


Woman Being Sentenced for Abusing Her Son


The Maricopa County prosecutors say that the mother, Rickesha Jovani Burns, twenty-two years old, has entered her plea on Friday. Burns is set to be sentenced on December Third of this year.


The Phoenix Police were called to the home in March 24, 2013. They found the suspect, Rickesha Burns holding her young son. The police say that the little boy was crying and bleeding. They immediately transported her son to the hospital in Phoenix. Burns told the police that her young son had been playing with a twelve year old little boy at the park that day. She claims the twelve year old had done something to her son.


The doctors said that her son had injuries around his rectal area, he even had to have surgery to remove a foreign object. That literally had me crying writing that. Who would be so sick to do that to anyone, let alone a little baby. I hope they find justice for this poor child.  Phoenix Police say that the didn’t find any evidence that a child had assaulted her son at the park.






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