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Police Find Suspect in Deadly Armed Robbery

On Behalf of / Thursday, 05 February 2015 / Published in assault, battery, drug possesion, felony, Homicide, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Police Identify the Robbery Shooter and Victim


On Tuesday night things got deadly dangerous when a shooting happened in East Phoenix. The police have now been able to identify the victim in the shooting.  The Police officers say that the had to respond to a call about an armed robbery around eight o’clock in the evening at 52nd and Van Buren streets.


The police found a female victim when they got to the scene. The victim told the Phoenix Officers that she had been on her cell phone outside of her apartment building when the suspect pulled out a gun and then pointed it at her while demanding her money. The suspect was a twenty-one year old male. When she told the suspect that she did not have any money things got even scarier for the victim. The suspect then pointed a gun at her and demanded that she take off her clothes and he also tried to get her to go back into her apartment. However, according to the police, the young woman used her brain. She was able to stall by fumbling with the lock. That luckily gave her enough time to get into her apartment and she was then able to lock herself inside and away from him. She then immediately called the police.


Officers Arrive to Shots Being Fired at Robbery Scene


When the responding police officers came to the robbery scene they could hear gunshots being fired. They found a gunshot victim at the scene. The gunshot victim died at the scene, he was twenty-one year old Juan Guerava-Martinez. Eye witnesses told the investigators that Juan was on his cell phone outside when he was shot. Juan was able to make it back to his apartment and then sadly collapsed.


The witnesses say that they did see the male gun shooting suspect take off running northbound from the scene, he still had his gun at the time. Luckily the local authorities were able to bring him into custody not long after the shooting. He was caught as he was trying to run down an alley. The Police were able to positively identify the suspect as well as the weapon used in both cases. The male suspect told the officer that he had been on a methamphetamine binge and had been high/using meth for around five days then. Officers brought him in and he was charged and jailed on first-degree murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, armed robbery, as well as possession of a dangerous drug.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/pd-suspect-tried-to-rob-woman-fatally-shot-man

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