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Sexual Assault Cases in Phoenix

On Behalf of / Friday, 18 September 2015 / Published in assault, Personal Injury

Phoenix Sexual Assault Crimes


All crimes are pretty bad and one or multiple people get hurt. Sexual assault takes a whole new onslaught of issues. Sexual assault doesn’t only mean physical assault but a sexual assault also brings on some serious mental situations. The physical aspect of assault usually always heals, however the mental issues are there permanently.


The first example of sexual assault I’ll be writing about is a work environment sexual assault. These are sadly not uncommon. Some people try to use their ranking to get special privileges. Some might just find someone attractive and jump the gun and get a little too frisky for the victim’s liking.


First Sexual Assault Example


A Phoenix hospital is the last place anyone would think of being sexually assaulted. Most of the time, hospitals are a safe haven for people. However, a cafeteria worker has been arrested on allegations that he sexually assaulted a fellow female employee as she was washing dishes.


The court paperwork stated that forty-four year old, Jose Maria Claustro-Avila had thought that the female, victim employee was actually flirting with him during their shift at the cafeteria as cooks. He assumed it was ok to touch and kiss the female.


Mr. Claustro-Avila is employed as a cook at the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center cafeteria. The hospital is located near the Thomas Road and Central Avenues. The sexual assault incident was supposed to have happened on May 2nd of this year, close to seven or seven thirty.


Claustro-Avila did admit to the police that he did indeed hug the female victim from behind and also kissed her neck as well as her ear, he also admitted to grabbing one of her breasts according to the police paperwork.


The female victim told the police that she was shocked by her assaulter’s actions. She even ran out of the washroom.  Police of course did some investigating and found out that Claustro-Avila does have some family in California however he has no ties to the Valley area. Claustro-Avila was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on one count of Sexual Abuse.


Dignity Health released the following statement through a spokesperson:

We are aware of this situation and are working with authorities to ensure that a complete and thorough investigation is conducted. St. Joseph’s takes the safety and security of all its patients, guests, and employees extremely seriously, and we are handling this matter in the same manner.


Another Example of Sexual Assault


Another, sadly common sexual assault is teacher/student assault. When a parent sends their child to school they expect them to be safe and well taken care of. That is sadly not always the case. It’s actually happening more and more even though schools take every precaution before allowing people or hiring people into the school.


When an adult, no matter if it’s a male or female or how much older takes an advantage of a child then that person definitley deserves to be judged and prosecuted for their sick crimes. A child should never have to go to school and worry about an adult touching or making them uncomfortable.


This story is I’m about to write about, is wrong. No matter if the elementary school teacher was young. A teacher at the Phoenix Elementary School has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a twelve year old student. The teacher however, pleaded not guilty. That’s sad a twelve year old has to deal with anything sexual at that age.


On Wednesday, twenty seven year old, Kenne Michael Worthen entered his not guilty plea, according to the Maricopa County prosecutors.


The young teacher was arrested in April for the suspicion of luring a minor, sexual conduct with a minor and child molestation.


Mr. Worthen teaches the sixth grade class at the Longview Elementary School. The officials from Longview say that Mr. Worthen was put on administrative leave and will not be returning to the school. I have a feeling that if Mr. Worthen is indeed guilty, he will not be returning to any school anytime soon, which is rightfully so.


The police say that the students have reported the relationship to a teacher. The teacher then immediately notified the school officials and the Phoenix Police. The police have stated that they arrested Worthen after the police saw some text messages between him and the young girl. They police say that the texts contained graphic sexual language.


The young girl told the investigators that she and the teacher, Mr. Worthen had sexual contact in April at the Longview after school program.


If your child has been sexually assaulted please remember that they are suffering. This situations is scary and probably makes them feel dirty and bad about themselves. If someone has harmed your child please encourage them to come forward, you don’t want the predator  to hurt others.


Please also encourage them to go to counseling. This can’t be easy for them and they probably feel very uncomfortable talking about it with a loved one. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone outside the family. And Besides, you probably want a profession who specializes in this sort of situation. You want to help, but you never know what could make things worse. So just be as caring and supportive as possible. Make sure they know you’re not mad and it’s not their fault.  Let them know it’s not ok what happened to them, and whoever did it needs to be put in jail. Let them know they aren’t alone. There are other people who have been sexually assaulted and you as family, will always be there fore them when ever they are ready to talk.


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