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Son Gets Attacked While Talking on Phone to His Father

Young Man Gets Attacked While on The Phone With His Father

A parent’s worse nightmare is something happening to their child, how awful would it be to hear your child being attacked while you were on the phone with them? That’s what happened on Thursday Afternoon.

The Phoenix Police are now investigating a homicide where a twenty-two year old was shot and killed.

The Phoenix Police spokesman says that the Phoenix police had responded to a call that brought them to an apartment complex near 12800 N. Cave Creek Road. This was around 1:30 p.m. and after they got the call from the father of the young man who lived in the complex.

According to the police report, the caller on the phone claimed he was on the phone with his 18 year old son when he heard a “scuffle”. After trying several times to reach his son on the phone again, he couldn’t get through so he called the police so they could see what was going on over there.

The report stated that the officers found a 22 year old with fatal gunshot wounds when they arrived to the apartment. While they were investigating, the 18 year old resident was questioned as well as a female friend.  According to the young man and woman, the 22 year old had entered the 18 year old’s apartment, the 22 year old was armed with a gun and demanding items of value.

The 18 year old and the 22 year old men began to fight, which resulted in the death of the 22 year old by being shot. The 18 year old resident also sustained an injury in the fight. He was later released from police custody after he was questioned.

 Sgt. Martos’s comment on the attack

The investigation is ongoing and the case will be submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for possible charges