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Teenage Girl Starts Attacking Police Officer

On Behalf of / Wednesday, 10 December 2014 / Published in assault, battery, Personal Injury

Teenage Girl Kicks and Punches Officer


Two witnesses came forth and backed the Mesa Police Officer about an account that a fifteen year old girl who was emotionally upset, kicked an officer and then punched the Officer before the officer finally returned the blows as she worked to handcuff the teen.


The teenage girl’s mother was the one to originally called the police for help. She told the police that the officer had punched her daughter without any provoking. A couple who recorded part of the incident aired the video to YouTube to show “police brutality”.


However, the 15 year old teenager admitted to the authorities that she had punched the officer and kicked her in the leg, and that she also refused the officer’s demands to stop. The hits by the officer only happened after the officer had grabbed the teenage girl’s wrist, trying to get her to stop.


Teenage Girl Admits She Provoked The Officer


At least the girl didn’t lie, she admitted in her statement that she was “resisting” the officer’s demands. She kicked the Officer because the Officer was “hurting her”. She even admitted to punching the officer as well as the officer punching her back two times. The teenage girl said that she sometimes gets upset due to her depression. When she gets mad she can’t control what she says or does, according to her.


In the Officer’s written statement, she reported that the girl had told her to “leave me alone” when she had tried to get the teenager to stop walking. The female officer said that the girl then kicked her in the thigh and that is when the officer grabbed her arm. The girl then punched the officer with her free arm in the temple, knocking off the officer’s glasses.


A Mesa Police Spokesman, Detective Steve Flores said that the incident will be investigated. The department wants to make sure that the officer’s level of force was justified. The officer did have a welt on her face from being punched by the teenage girl.


Source: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2014/12/10/mesa-officer-punch-15-year-old-report-abrk/20187069/


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