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Teenagers Fight at Arizona State Fair

On Behalf of / Wednesday, 15 October 2014 / Published in assault, battery, Personal Injury

Group of Teenagers Fight at Phoenix Fair


The state fair is a very memorable time for a lot of children and teens. First kisses on the Ferris Wheel, winning a Gold fish, the great carnival food. The fair is also a place for robbery and mischief. According to the local authorities, dozens of teenagers had gotten into a huge fight on the opening night of the Arizona State Fair. The fair happens in Phoenix.


The Phoenix Police and the Arizona Department of Public Safety were at the scene at the fair. It was at 19th Avenue and McDowell. This huge fight happened last Friday night.


Police Arrest 30 Teenagers at State Fair


The police officers said that they had to detain at least thirty teenagers at the fairgrounds. They were all released into the care of their parents. Police say that there must have been as many as sixty teenagers involved, as well as some of them fighting with the police.


Teenagers weren’t the only ones in trouble for fighting at the fair. It’s sad to say that two adults were also arrested, one of which was a woman, for kicking and hitting a police officer. Police still aren’t real sure of what caused the fight. The fair will end on November second. Hopefully there isn’t anymore brawls at the fair. It’s sad that fairs are meant to be a fun and family friendly place that people ruin it.


Make sure to keep a good watch on your young children at these fairs. They could be the ones in the fights, abducted, raped, robbed. There’s a million wrong doing’s at these family events. Just because it’s a supposed safe place doesn’t mean there aren’t people trying to do bad things during the fair.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/dozens-of-teens-fight-at-arizona-state-fair


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