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Three People Injured in Tempe Shooting

On Behalf of / Friday, 14 November 2014 / Published in assault, Personal Injury

Shooting in Tempe Area Leaves Three People Injured


According to the local police, at least three people have been injured in a shooting in the Tempe area. According to Tempe Police Lt. Scott Smith, two groups of male suspects fled the shooting scene. This was near Grove Parkway and Kyrene Road. Lt. Smith also said that the police had gotten a 911 call about the shooting close to two o’clock in the afternoon.


Lt. Smith said that so far in the investigation that detectives have learned that a group of Hispanic males went to the ground floor apartment to visit an occupant. Then a second group of males arrived, at least two males n the second group were black males. Lt. Smith says that the groups entered the apartment and then closed the door.


However, at some point multiple gunshots were fired between the two groups of males. Lt. Smith also said that there was a woman and a one year old set of twins in the apartment, luckily these poor children were not injured. According to Lt. Smith two vehicles then fled the scene. One of the vehicles was an older model Pontiac. It had fender damage and was occupied with the group of Hispanic males.


Shooting Suspects Flee the Scene


The other vehicles, which had the two black males in it also fled the scene. The police were able to find this vehicle though. This vehicle was a black Hyundai passenger car, according to Lt. Smith. He also said that one of the gunshot victims was found outside of the apartment building. He was taken to the local hospital by the emergency workers.


The police also learned that the other two gunshot victims were taken to the hospital by Civilian vehicle. All three people had suffered from serious injuries. Police are still on the hunt for the Pontiac. Lt. Smith said that at this time, it is too early to know what cause the shootings to happen.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-southeast-valley/tempe/pd-3-hurt-in-shooting-in-tempe-suspects-flee


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