Toddler Fighting For Life, After Couple Abused Him

Toddler Fighting For Life, After Couple Abused Him

Couple Arrested for Brutally Beating a 3 Year Old Toddler

A couple now faces felony charges for child abuse for the brutal beating of a three year old toddler boy. The doctors have now reported that the young boy is now fighting to live.

The local police arrested twenty three year old, Shamika Reaves as well has her thirty-two year old boyfriend, Corey McCree earlier in the week after the woman’s son was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted in their motel room.

One of their neighbors told the local NEWS that they hear a commotion on early Tuesday. Corey McCree then called 911 at 3:45 in the morning, that is after he found out that the little boy had stopped breathing. The little boy was beaten with some kind of object. He is still in critical condition at a local hospital.

On Wednesday before the couple appeared before the judge, there was some family members present for the hearing. The young boy’s grandmother also spoke with the News, she was in tears as she spoke about her grandson’s critical condition.

Felisha Brown, the boy’s Grandmother spoke about his assault injuries

The whole left side of his head is gone. When I look at his private area — his private area — Oh, God.

Brown also said that the toddler’s bones had been crushed.

Charges for the Assault Crimes

In addition to abuse counts, McCree also faces sexual assault charges in the case. Dreamin’ Demon reports that the boy’s genitals were mutilated. WSOC obtained a description of the child’s sexual assault injuries, but said they were too graphic to publish.

The boy’s family asked the judge to deny the accused bond on Wednesday. Both Reaves and McCree remain in Mecklenburg County jail.

Gwendolyn Lee, who is the boy’s Godmother also told the NEWS that she had reported a possible sexual abuse to the boy in March but the authorities allowed the mother to keep custody.