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Two Men Arrested For Kidnapping and Assaulting a Woman

Woman Kidnapped and Assaulted from Tempe Bar


Two men in the Buckeye area have now been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and violently assaulting a woman earlier in the month. The Buckeye Police Department says that the female victim had been out drinking at a local bar in Tempe on November 14th. She then claims she woke up in the desert near the Interstate 10 and Watson Road.


The woman said that she does not remember how she got out to the desert or even leaving the bar that night. However, her friends witnessed two men talking to her that night and her then getting into a white car. The friends tried to call the female victim but she would not answer her phone.


Buckeye Police Press Release Statement:

The victim was brutally attacked, both physically and sexually.


A tracking device that was on the victim’s phone was able to lead the police to a home in Buckeye. The police investigators got to the scene and was able to arrest twenty-four year old Damian Hernandez as well as twenty-two year old, Esai Leon on November 28th. They were booked into jail on charges of “sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and tampering with evidence”.


Commander Mark Mann from the Buckeye Police Department Statement:

These guys are predators, they target women. They brutally and violent beat them and left them alone in the desert.


The police say that the suspects even admitted that they were in Tempe, however they “pointed the finger” at each other when it came to who assaulted the woman. The police also said that one of the suspects had thrown her boots and cell phone out the window of their car after they had assaulted her.


Neighbor to the Suspects, Dustin Scheas Statment:

I’m appalled. Coming from a man who has sisters, has a daughter. What he did was to someone’s daughter, and it’s disgusting. They have no respect for life clearly.


Police served search warrants to both of the suspects homes on Wednesday. They were hoping to find some evidence to link them to some similar cases around the area.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Buckeye Police Department at 623-349-6400.




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