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Two Young People Wounded in Officer Involved Shooting

12 Year Old and 18 Year Old Injured in Officer Involved Shooting


According to the local authorities, a twelve year old girl and an eighteen year old young man have both been wounded in an “officer-involved” shooting. The shooting happened at a North Phoenix Home.


The police say that the incident had started on a Tuesday afternoon. This started after the fourteen year old girl called the police. She claimed that she had felt threatened by an eighteen year old young man that she met online. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


The police said that the girl had told the officers that the two weren’t together anymore, she got scared after the man had left some gifts for her on the doorstep of her home. The home was near Tatum and Deer Valley Road.


Teens Meet Online And Things Escalate to a Shooting


The police officers had gotten a call saying that there was a man with a gun in the neighborhood. When Police got there, the person with a gun turned out to be the eighteen year old that the girl had called to report just that morning.


When the police got to the scene, they told the man to put the gun down. Being eighteen and sounds a little crazy, he refused. The Police say that the man had started to go into the fourteen year old girls home, that is when the officers had to shoot him.


Some time during the shooting, the man’s gun had went off. It hit the girl’s little sister who is only twelve years old. The twelve year old is luckily in stable condition and is still at the hospital. However, the eighteen year old boy is in pretty serious condition at this time. No officers were injured during the shooting. Police have not released the names of those injured at this time.





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