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Woman Charged in Fatal Shooting At Phoenix Sports Bar

Woman Sentenced for Fatal Shooting Outside of Phoenix Bar


Bars in America can either be the funnest time of your life or the scariest. Most people go to have a fabulous time, but sometimes you never know how the alcohol will settle with some people. Or maybe you’re having a fun night with someone dancing and then a jealous ex or current boyfriend or girlfriend come in and see the situation and then things get really crazy.


A woman has been accused of fatally shooting a man and injuring another person outside of a Phoenix Sports Bar. She has recently changed her plea to guilty in the shooting case.


Woman Guilty in Phoenix Bar Shooting


The Maricopa County prosecutors have said that Jessica Wood who is twenty-nine years old has pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a second-degree murder charge and attempted first-degree murder. Her sentencing will be on Friday, December 19th of this year.


Jessica has been charged for the shooting back in March of this year. The shooting happened outside of Zipps Sports Grill which is located in North-Central Phoenix.


According to the Phoenix Police, Jessica Wood approached two men, just before midnight. She opened fire without provocation. However, the Phoenix investigators think that she may have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the shooting.


Phoenix Police say that the man died that night, Thomas Allen Marcussen died from his injuries in the shooting. The other man, James Swain luckily survived that terrible night.


It’s horrible how much drugs and alcohol can change someone. If you’re having addiction problems, please get to the nearest rehab center and get some help. Not only are you hurting yourself, but you could be hurting other people…just like Jessica. You never know when a binge can turn into a killing, whether it’s killing you or someone else.




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