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Woman Escapes After Her Boyfriend Duct-Tapped Her

On Behalf of / Thursday, 04 September 2014 / Published in assault, battery, Personal Injury

Woman Escapes After Her Boyfriend Duct Tapes and Chokes Her


Luckily a woman managed to escape this morning after her boyfriend allegedly duct taped and choked her. Why on earth would someone do that to a significant other? All because of an argument, according to the Phoenix Police Department. How crazy is this? I can’t believe all of the cruel things people are doing these days.


According to the police, the said woman got into a fight with her boyfriend that was living with her in their home which is near Cave Creek and Bell Roads. This argument started over her talking to another man. Jealously issues much? Anyways, the boyfriend then allegedly tied her up with duct tape and choked her. He also threatened to take her to the desert to kill her. That’s pretty extreme just because she talked to another man.


Woman Manages to Escape Boyfriend


Luckily, the poor woman got away from the duct tape and was able to run to a bar which is just across the street from their home. She still had the duct tape on her as she entered the bar, according to the Phoenix Police. The male suspect followed however he returned home, where there were reportedly several guns. The customers in the bar were able to check on the victim woman to see if she was ok.


According to the Phoenix Police, The woman was immediately taken to the local hospital where she had to be treated for her injuries. The suspect is still ” at large”.  Due to the possibility that the male suspect might have access to weapons in the home, there has been a tactical unit called in to serve the search warrant where they did recover the evidence.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/north-phoenix/woman-escapes-after-boyfriend-duct-tapes-chokes-her


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