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Woman Shoots Burglar After Breaking Into Her Home

On Behalf of / Tuesday, 09 September 2014 / Published in assault, battery, felony, Personal Injury

Woman Defends Herself Against Burglar


Times are hard and people are even rougher these days. Break-ins and violence is on the rise and there’s nothing law enforcement can do about it until it already happens. People need a way to protect themselves from people trying to harm them, so when a widow shoots a man for breaking into her home and threatening her, then I say “Heck Yea!”. No one should be afraid to live in their own home.


Local NEWS was able to hear the 911 recording of the moments from the incident. The widow had to huddle in her bathroom and hide as she was confronted by the burglar. The woman then shot the man who is being charged with breaking into her home. The woman was on the phone with the 911 before, during and after the shooting. She remained on the phone until authorities were able to arrive.


Woman Protects Herself The Right Way


Police investigators say that the forty-seven year old homeowner did everything right. She called 911, armed herself and hide. Just what they would want her to do. On the recording you can hear the whole scary scene play out.  The break in and shooting happened back on May 6th. After twenty year old Michael Lewis stayed in the hospital for a month for his gunshot wound recovery, he was arraigned in June.


Luckily for the widow, her husband wanted her to be safe and taught her how to shoot the .38 caliber handgun. According to the News, on the recording you could hear her yell to the 911 dispatcher that the suspect had beat on her before she shot him.


Michael Lewis didn’t argue the charges. He pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary as well as aggravated assault. He was granted bond and now is waiting for sentencing on September 15th, which is just days away. This will be the first time the burglary victim will see her assaulter since the night of the attempted burglary.  Hopefully this story will inspire other people to take some gun control classes and learn how to protect themselves as well. Or perhaps this might warn other burglars to think twice before trying to rob someone, you never know who might be waiting for you.


Source: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2014/09/03/12-news-homeowner-shoots-intruder-on-911-audio/14989333/

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