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Home Grown Pot Plants Numbers Decreasing Due to Pot Dispensaries

Pot Dispensaries Help Lower Home Grown Pot Numbers


2014 was a big year for changes. Same sex marriages became legal in quite a few states and a lot of those states have agreed to legalize marijuana and Republicans are taking over. Everyone has an opinion on these huge changes, some good, some bad, some both. There’s good and bad in everything in my opinion, except marriages…people should marry whoever they want.


Anyways, pot dispensaries’ medical marijuana sales have grown a great bit in Arizona in 2014. The increase that state regulators attribute to fact that very few patients are allowed to grow their own. This is new, and they’re already talking about changes to the marijuana laws.


Marijuana Dispensaries Sales Grow


The State Department of Heath Services has said that the dispensaries has reported more than 1.4 million in sales. Which is equal to ten tons of marijuana, over 55,000 patients in 2014. That’s crazy! Great for those who truly need it though. According to the Health Department, that is up from the 2.7 tons sold in 2013.


According to the department, the 2014 usage would be close to a joint a day per patient. I guess that’s not too bad if you need it. It’d be like your morning thyroid or heart pill, only you smoke this.


Due to Arizona’s marijuana laws, patients who live farther than twenty-five miles from a dispensary are able to grow their own. A lot of people who need the medical marijuana probably can’t just up and drive that far, so it would make things much easier if they could grow their own.


However, with this law, very few patients are allowed to actually grow their own marijuana. Dispensary numbers are growing so that makes it hard to stay out side of that twenty-five mile range. There are now eighty-five dispensaries in Arizona that are operating. It is also recorded that almost 98 percent of the people who need the medical marijuana, usually live within twenty-five miles of the dispensaries.





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