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Phoenix Shootings

On Behalf of / Friday, 29 May 2015 / Published in assault, Homicide, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Hells Angels Affiliated Men Shot in Phoenix


“Hells Angels” have been known to be a pretty rough and rowdy motorcycle gang. Their name has been and probably still is, feared and loved throughout the United States. On Saturday two men who were affiliated with the “Hells Angels” motorcycle gang were shot as they were riding their motorcycles in North Phoenix.


Judy Jones’ Statement:

It’s just really gotten bad in this neighborhood lately.  It’s really, really crazy.


Judy just happened to work at a nearby restaurant, The Codfather restaurant. The restaurant is very close to where the police says that two bikers were shot near 16th Street and Bell Road.


Phoenix Police Officer, James Holmes’ Statement:

When the officers get there what they find is six motorcyclists.


Officer Holmes said that the bikers were travelling westbound on Bell Road when someone then opened fired at the motorcycle riders. Officer Holmes also says that bikers had to be in motion at the time that they were shot. They were not stopped at a light when the two men were shot.


The shooter did their job or what they intended to do, one of the men was in very serious condition and the other one was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. The one who was severely injured was transported to a local hospital and luckily expected to survive, according to officer Holmes.


The police know that the motorcycle riders aka bikers were not just any typical Saturday evening ride bikers. Officer Holmes said that all of the bikers had the “Hells Angels” insignia jackets as well as other things that indicated they were part of the “Hells Angels” club. Which causes concern for the investigators.


Judy also claimed to see “Hells Angels” bikers before in the area.


Judy’s Statement about the “Hells Angels”

I mean, you see, like on a Sunday morning, they’re riding down towards the 17.


Even though the police were taking a cautious investigation into the incident, they did not believe that the shooting was gang related.


Officer Holmes’ Statement about the Incident


At this point we’ve not made any kind of a connection between them being members of the club and this shooting.  Right now it’s either a random act of gunfire or they were targeted for a specific reason that we’ve not identified yet.


The police was also able to look at a surveillance video to hopefully find out if there was one or more shooters involved. Also if the person or possibly people responsible for the shooting had another vehicle or were maybe standing nearby the shooting scene.


Judy has decided to be more cautious in the future, saying “You just have to be careful, everything you do,”.



Another, More Recent Shooting in the Phoenix Area


In April, a shooting involving officers happened in Phoenix. One Saturday in April a shooting on 20th Street and Thomas Road ended badly for a suspect after a shooting involving the police officers.


According to Phoenix Police Sgt. Jonathan Howard, 911 dispatchers had received a call from a man and stated that there were several “snipers pointing rifles” at him. Of course several officers were sent to the scene. However, before they even had a chance to contact the man he had opened fire on the officers. According to the report, the man was sitting in a white van at the time of the shooting. Officers had no choice but to return fire on the man. They did not miss their target.


One officer had been reportedly shot in his arm. The officer was of course treated for his gunshot wound and later released from the hospital, Officer Howard stated.


Officer Howard did say that the suspect died at the hospital that Saturday night. Later the police was able to identify him as forty-four year old, Erik Lagunas Tellez. The officer who was injured during the shooting name has not been released at this time.




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