Police Make Huge Cocaine Bust

U.S. Customs Seize 20 Pounds of Crack Cocaine

I’m sure U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers are no strangers to seeing crack cocaine and other narcotics on a daily basis of dealing with smugglers.

An investigation has started after U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized almost twenty-pounds of cocaine. It was hidden in the inside of a cargo hold of a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica. It arrived at Philadelphia International Airport just last week.

The Customs officers did the routine cabin sweep and a cargo inspection after the flight arrived to the Philly International Airport after 6 p.m. The officers were searching through the cargo when they spotted two drawstring backpacks, which happened to be hidden behind an access panel. The Investigators stated that each of the backpacks contained four brick-shaped objects, which was made up of a white, powdery substance. In the field test, it tested positive for cocaine.

According to the investigators, the cocaine weighed around 19 pounds, 9 ounces. They said the street value of the drug was around $600,000.

Susan Stranieri, CBP Port Director for the Area Port of Philadelphia’s statement:

Narcotics interdiction remains a CBP enforcement priority, and a mission that we take very seriously. We are pleased that these dangerous drugs will not reach our city’s streets. CBP remains vigilant at our nation’s borders, and we’ll continue to do our part to help keep our communities safe.


According to the investigators, there have been no arrests made at this time, however they are continuing the investigation.


U.S. Army Reserves Private Facing Cocaine Charges

Being in the Army is a privilege and an honor for most people that decide to take that path in life. I don’t think the Army would like their members selling drugs.

A private in the U.S. Army Reserves as well as another man, are now facing drug related charges after police seized around three million dollars worth of cocaine being shipped from Boston to New York City on Saturday.

According to Bridget G. Brennan who is New York City’s special narcotics prosecutor, Twenty-three year old, Mark Soto and twenty-four year old, Xavier Herbert-Gumbs were arraigned on Friday. The charges was for criminal possession of a controlled substance. Brennan said that bail was set at $400,000.

Soto is in the Army Reserves. Both he and Herbert-Gumbs live in Puerto Rico.

Cocaine Investigation

There is an ongoing investigation by the state and federal prosecutors have identified the pair as members of a major narcotics trafficking network. Both of the men were arrested on Thursday during a traffic stop in the Bronx.

Herbert-Gumbs had 110 pounds of cocaine in his possession at the time. The cocaine was pressed into brick shaped packages, according to the authorities. Soto was later arrested and was in possession of around twenty-six pounds of cocaine in the trunk of his vehicle. According to the prosecutors, Soto’s vehicle also had Herbert-Gumbs’ identification card stating his name and had his photograph.

According to the investigating officers, the cocaine had been transported from Boston to New York.

Soto’s attorney took their time working up a return call for a comment about the situation. The Army Reserves also took some time to reply about Soto’s assignment.

The number for Herbert-Gumbs’ attorney went unanswered the Saturday following the incident. It’s unclear what kind of work Herbert-Gumbs does for a living.

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