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15 Year Old Arrested for Killing Detention Officer

On Behalf of / Wednesday, 21 May 2014 / Published in assault, battery, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Detention Officer Killed by 15 Year Old

According to the authorities, a Maricopa County Detention Officer was shot at random while he was in his own drive-way by a fifteen year old boy. The Fifteen year old has been arrested for killing the officer.

The Police Chief, Daniel Garcia stated that on Wednesday the fifteen year old would be charged as an adult for first-degree murder for the shooting of twenty-seven year old Jorge Vargas. The investigators have worked extra hard and hours to hopefully help bring closure for the victim’s family.

Police Work to Bring Closure for Officer’s Family

This arrest is the first step in that closure. We owe Jorge that.

Chief Garcia said that the suspect was a gang member wannabe. That is how the young man got the gun to begin with. However, the police believe that Officer Vargas was shot at random and that the teen had acted alone in this brutal act.

According to the report, Officer Vargas was attacked on August 8th at around four in the morning. He was working on his vehicle outside of his home at the time. The police were able to identify him quickly since he had his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office employee uniform on.

Police are unsure of what happened for sure in the driveway on that early morning. According to the police, the fifteen year old had just left a party at around three in the morning. He was under the influence of drug and alcohol at the time.

The fifteen year old, whose name cannot be released due to his age, had been in the Maricopa County Jail. He is going to face an aggravated assault charge for an unrelated drive by shooting.

Officer Arpaio’s statement

I’m concerned whether the assailant knew our officer was an officer. It’s tough to convince me he didn’t know. Maybe one day, we’ll get a motive from this suspect.

The teens mother and friend have also been arrested. Cathy Seymour, the teen’s mother, is expected to be charged with “hindering prosecution of her son”. His friend, Ivan Montes who is 20 years old, was booked for “hindering prosecution and disorderly conduct”. They are boy in trouble for trying to get rid of the evidence, which would help the teen avoid detection from the police.
The police haven’t been able to find the gun that the teen used in the shooting, however they were able to use the shell casing at the scene to tie the teen to the shooting.

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