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Homicide Shooting

On Behalf of / Friday, 05 February 2016 / Published in assault, battery, Homicide, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury

Woman Missing After Complex Shooting


Shootings rarely end well. Someone is hurt or killed and the suspect usually flees. Shooting cases can sometimes go unsolved for quite a while.

A lot of shooting cases become homicides pretty quickly. A homicide is when someone deliberately and unlawfully kills someone. Which makes it easy to understand why a shooting turns into a homicide. Usually you aren’t shooting at someone to do them any good. A shooting is to harm someone.

The Phoenix Police Department is now looking for a woman who can not be found. They’re searching for her because a man was shot and killed at an apartment complex.

According to the reports, a one year old child as well as a woman, Veronica Huerta Brown were not found after a man was killed on a Saturday night. The man was shot at an apartment complex, which is located near the 12th Street and Indian School Road.

The investigators said that the child and Brown were in a vehicle with the victim when the victim was then ordered out of the vehicle by two men. According to the police, the men shot the victim and then took the child from him.

At this time, it’s unclear if the woman and child were abducted by the suspects or whether they fled the scene separately.

The Phoenix Police gave an update about the situation on Sunday morning. They say that the child was luckily found safely however, Brown had not been found at this time. They are worried about Brown’s safety and are searching for her.

Police spokesman, James Holmes Statement:

We believe that all three, the victim, Veronica and (the child), arrived at this apartment complex, just before the shooting, together in a vehicle.

Holmes gave a description of the shooters, saying that they were described as Hispanic men. The men seemed to be at the apartment complex and they ordered the victim to get out of the car with the child.

Holmes’ Statement:

At that point, the suspect grabbed the child and fired on the victim and took the child and he left.

There were witnesses at the scene and they told the Phoenix Police that they had hear at least four gunshots.

Neighbor, Jennalee Yazzie’s Statement:

It was like, ‘Pom pom,’ and then, ‘Pom pom,’.


The police have no definite answers on whether the woman and the child were abducted by the suspects or if they actually fled the scene separately.

Holmes’ Statement:

We believe that all three, the victim, Veronica and (the child), arrived at this apartment complex, just before the shooting, together in a vehicle.

Holmes also said that the two shooters were already at the apartment complex and then ordered the victim to get out of the car with the child.

Holmes said that at that point of the situation, the suspect quickly grabbed the child and fired on the victim. He then took the child and left.

Neighbor, Bryan Cunningham’s Statement:

He said it was a very small white hatchback, is what he saw. And [the car] was moving quite fast, getting right out of there after the shots and the screams.


The witnesses also told the police that there were at least two male suspects that got away from the complex. They were in a 90’s model vehicle that is either a white Honda or could be a white Taurus.

At this time, it’s not clear what relationship the victim had with the two suspects or with the missing Brown woman, who police are still searching for. Police also don’t know what the relation was to the woman and child with the suspects or if there was one at all.

Holmes Statement:

We have to consider that both this female and this child, based on the violence that occurred here this afternoon, could very well be in danger.


Police are now looking for the 90’s model vehicle that fled the scene. The incident happened in the back parking lot of an apartment complex.

If anyone has any information at all as to where Brown may be, they are encouraged to please call the Phoenix Police Violent Crimes Bureau at (602) 262-6141. Of course, as always calls can remain anonymous.


Drive-By Shooting in Phoenix

A drive by shooting that happened on the outside of a Phoenix bar could have been pretty devastating. The police are still looking for answers regarding this case.

According to the news reports, there was a light colored Jeep that was seen outside of the Charley’s Place Bar at the 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road which happened after three o’clock in the morning on August 18, 2015.

According to a report there was an person in a Jeep SUV who reportedly fired several rifle rounds into the bar. Luckily, no one was injured during the shooting.

Silent Witness is offering a reward for any information that may be helpful in this unsolved case. They are offering $1,000.00.

If you have any information on this case, please contact the Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.


Hopefully the shootings in Phoenix slow down and end in less fatalities like this drive by bar shooting. Shootings are scary but it’s a little less scary when no one is hurt. Which is rare in a shooting, especially in a drive by shooting.



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