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Teen Dies After Friday Shooting

On Behalf of / Friday, 02 September 2016 / Published in Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Teen Dies After Being Shot in a Friday Night Shooting


Friday night, tragedy struck for the family of a teenager who died after being killed in a shooting. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said that the teen died due to being shot in the head.


Police say that two cars had been traveling in the 67 Ave & Broadway area when someone from one of the vehicles had fired into the other car. The end result, was the seventeen year old girl, dead. The teen’s friends drove her to a nearby Walmart which was near the 75th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road so that they could hopefully get her some help.


Friends Take Shooting Victim Friend to Local Walmart for Help

Shootings happen anywhere at any time. It seems like a shooting could happen at a wedding or even a baby shower now days. You just never know when or what could cause a shooting.

According to the report, the Walmart was pretty busy at the time, according to the witnesses there were at least hundreds of shoppers inside. The managers of the Walmart started yelling that there was a shooting and everyone had to leave the store immediately.

Of course, shoppers went into a frenzy. Witness, Angie Vargas was shopping with her daughter at the time and says that people started to panic.


Angie’s Statement:

Someone said it’s a shooting and everyone started running. I grabbed my daughter and we didn’t know where to go. Kids were crying, running around looking for their moms and we’re like ‘go over there!’


Police say that the young girl had to be taken to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She was in pretty critical condition at the time, she sadly later died.

There is no information about the suspects in the shooting at this time. The name of the young girl who died, has not been released at this time.

Let’s hope that this family can find a way to heal after the devastating loss of a child.




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