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Medical Marijuana Banned From Apartment Complex

Marijuana Banned From Complex

Marijuana at an apartment complex probably isn’t the best thing for those who aren’t using.  The Pointe at South Mountain apartment complex reminded their residents of this just a little while ago. This includes the use of medical marijuana.

Jay’s (resident)Statement:

I thought it was an infringement on people who use this medically. But if someone needed this medically, I think that’s terrible and awfully wrong.

While people might have to have medical marijuana for whatever reason, when they signed their lease they knew that the substance wasn’t allowed on the grounds.

If people keep “forgetting” these rules, the owners say that there will be “consequences”.

According to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Law, it only keeps the property owners from discriminating against those who use it. However, Federally it’s still illegal so they do still have the full power to say if they want it on their property or not.

If you want free range to use your medical marijuana whenever and wherever you want, the best bet is to buy your own home since there’s no laws making property owners to allow you to smoke.

Medical Marijuana Banned from College Campus

When you think of a college campus you think/hope of kids studying and working hard towards their future’s. Of course it’s college so yes, there will be partying. Doesn’t mean that the campus will allow marijuana on their property, whether it’s medical marijuana or not.

Now court battles are happening to take action against State Lawmakers that acted illegally when they made it a crime for medical marijuana users to possess their drugs while they’re on college and university campuses.

Swann’s Statement:

 To the extent a person violates such rules or prohibitions, the state can have the offending party removed or charged with trespassing. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act does not stop it from creating such policies.

Lawmakers however, can not make criminals out of those who have to use medical marijuana.

Now the fight will begin to make sure that those who use this isn’t punished for have chronic illnesses. As long as they have their medical marijuana card, I don’t see why having it on them is such a bad thing. This is why the  medical marijuana issues need to be more resolved. You can’t set laws and not give clear guidelines.

Hopefully these regulations get fixed so that kids aren’t getting fined for being at school and having their prescribed medicine on them. Kids at school need to concentrate and if they have a condition that causes them to need medical marijuana then they shouldn’t be penalized for their medical condition. Let’s hope the new regulations are fixed fast and there aren’t any more kids that are kicked out of a higher education for this!


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