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Domestic Disputes Involving Police

Couple Arrested For Marital Dispute

Sometimes being in a relationship is hard however, dating is the happiest time of your relationship. If you’re having some major issues just while dating, maybe it’s time to go your separate ways because things only get ten thousand times harder from here on out.

Police have a tough job. Not only do they have to deal with major things like human trafficking and bank robberies, they also have to deal with people’s personal lives and domestic dispute calls. However, sometimes those what should be private arguments at home turn into some pretty scary confrontations.

According to reports,  a woman and her fiance were bother arrested on a Sunday after a domestic violence incident that ended up with a standoff with a police. How the heck does things get that out of control?

Police Answer Domestic Violence Call

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said that just before four o’clock that evening, thirty-nine year old, Monique McMahon had call 911 to say that she and her fiance, Daren Dahlgren had gotten into a fist fight. She had ran to a neighbor’s house to call the police for help. Which is good that the neighbors were there to let her use their phone.

The deputies got to the scene at the San Tan Valley home and tried to make contact with fifty-one year old, Daren. However, when he greeted the officers he had a gun pointed to the ground which automatically escalated the already tense situation. When the deputies asked the man to come outside he shook his head and closed the door.

The woman told the authorities that she had locked herself inside of the bathroom as she and her fiance were fighting because she wanted to leave the home. However he had kicked the bathroom door in and pushed her into the bathtub. He then started to hit her. Luckily she was eventually able to escape his assaults and was able to make it to the neighbors house safely.

Daren eventually came out of the house and was arrested for charges of domestic violence assault, disorderly conduct, preventing and individual from calling 911 during an emergency, criminal damage and threatening and intimidating.  Sounds like he’ll have to behave himself for quite some time if he wants to see freedom anytime soon.

As the deputies continued their investigation they found out that the female victim maybe wasn’t quite so innocent. She apparently had show the neighbors a baggie that had appeared to contain methamphetamine and asked if she could flush it down their toilet. For whatever reason, she ended up putting the baggie into a diaper bag which was later seized by the authorities and the baggie tested positive for meth. McMahon was later booked and put into the Pinal County Jail on charges of possession of a dangerous drug as well as possession of paraphernalia.

Probably not her smartest move to get methed out and fight her with man and take the drugs with her. Might want to consider a new lifestyle when she gets out of jail.



Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer

Criminal Defense Cases

The highly skilled Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC advise and represent people facing criminal charges for domestic violence often described as Spousal Abuse, Spousal Battery or Domestic Dispute, such charges do not always reflect a case between married people, but include those living in the same location (cohabitation), or sometimes just engaged in a domestic (dating) relationship.  Such cases can also lead to violation of a restraining order or protective orders.  They are NOT the same as a Domestic Violence Restraining Order however.

With a team of former prosecutors, Phoenix based Criminal Defense Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC offer a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. They understand the necessary steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy focused on securing a dismissal or minimizing any potential penalties associated with a conviction.

Domestic Violence cases have become extremely political and are regularly treated as “guilty until proven innocent.”   Even with minor cases, that do not involve a documented injury, proactive and rapid action by a caring defense attorney may be they key to not only avoiding a damaging no contact order, but may play a significant role in custody issues and an eventual resolution in the case that does not result in a life-time ban on the possession of firearms, tragic orders separating you from your family and other consequences that can interfere with work, school and life.

At the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we are committed to helping you achieve a resolution to your immediate problems, while seeking opportunities to improve the troubled family dynamics that might be underlying factors.


In domestic violence cases, the district attorney and the judge will be especially interested in what you’re willing to do to improve relationships, conflict resolution skills, and anger management. Your demonstration toward positive change will often make the difference in the outcome of your case. We work closely with people charged with domestic assault or battery to obtain a dismissal, diversion to community treatment or deferred entry of judgment prior to eventually achieving a dismissal.

Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer

Our creative approach to difficult criminal defense problems can help you avoid the consequences of a conviction in situations such as the following scenarios:


  • Violence or assault between spouses, unmarried parents, or cohabiting adults
  • Elder Abuse
  • Child Abuse, Cruelty to a Child, or Child Endangerment
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Criminal Threats
  • Harassment or Stalking


Our ability to connect you with the programs and services that are right for your circumstances can give you an extra layer of legal protection. At the same time, we work hard to help you get the most out of the presumption of innocence that stands between you and a conviction.

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If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime such as Domestic Violence, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense.



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Homicide Cases Near Phoenix

Foul Play Homicide Case

Horseplay turned to homicide charges when a pedestrian was killed Thursday night after being pushed into the road and hit by a vehicle, Phoenix police said.

The incident occurred just before 7 p.m. near Dunlap and 19th avenues, according to Sgt. Alan Pfohl with the Phoenix Police Department.

Pfohl said 23-year-old Terrance Veale was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

After further investigation, officials said they determined Veale and Tyrone David Turner were on the sidewalk engaging in horseplay.

Turner, 26, told police he pushed Veale, Pfohl said. Veale stumbled into the road and was hit by a vehicle.

Turner was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide.

No other details were immediately available. The investigation is ongoing

Drive By Shooting

Sadly, two teen boys were shot recently in a drive by shooting in West Phoenix.

According to the reports, the Police and firefighters were called to an address near 67th Avenue and Baseline Road. This happened around 1:45 p.m. for a report of a possible drive by shooting.

The police said that there were witnesses who reported seeing two groups in a drug deal when the shots were filed. One of the teens who was shot has sadly died at the scene of the incident.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department spokesman, the other teen also has wounds. The teen has wounds to his arms and legs and is more stable. He has also been taken to an area hospital.

Officers located a suspect vehicle fleeing the scene. The police were able to detain four people who they think are involved in the incident.

Criminal Defense Cases

If you have been charged with murder, the attorney you choose to defend you will likely be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Obtaining a strong defense could be the difference between freedom and a life behind bars.

At the Phoenix based Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, you will find the experienced, dedicated and highly skilled trial attorneys you need to protect your rights. Each of our attorneys made a conscious decision to become a criminal defense lawyer. We could have chosen any other field of law, but defending the freedom and liberty of people who are facing the possibility of incarceration was our first choice. We believe strongly that skilled and passionate defense attorneys can make a difference in the lives of their clients. We go into every case feeling that we can make that difference.

Hiring the Right Homicide Lawyer in Phoenix

Having a skilled homicide defense attorney is important in any criminal case, but it is even more critical in a murder case. To properly defend a client against a murder charge, a defense lawyer must be prepared to effectively challenge the prosecution’s evidence. To do so, a Phoenix Murder Defense Attorney must be prepared to effectively cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, including any expert witnesses.

Expert Witnesses

In some cases, a Phoenix Homicide Defense Attorney may need to use expert witnesses on behalf of the defendant to challenge forensic evidence, ballistics evidence and other scientific evidence presented by the prosecution. We are prepared to do so and have worked with expert witnesses in the past to provide a vigorous defense on our clients’ behalf.

In addition to fighting your charges at trial (or seeking a case dismissal for lack of probable cause), we can also negotiate with the prosecution to seek a favorable plea agreement. A plea agreement might involve a plea to a lesser offense or an agreement on sentencing that will significantly reduce the penalties you face.

Homicide Defense Strategy

We will take the time to talk to witnesses, investigate what really happened in your case, understand what evidence is in the prosecution’s possession, look for holes in the prosecution’s case, and determine if the police violated your constitutional rights or made other critical errors that can be used to your advantage.

We are committed to raising a strong and comprehensive defense on your behalf. Depending on the facts of your case, the following defenses and strategies may be helpful:

  • Self-Defense
  • Insanity
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Suppression of Evidence
  • Challenging DNA, Fingerprint Evidence and other Forensic Evidence
  • Challenging Ballistics Evidence (Relating to Firearms and Bullets)
  • Challenging the Reliability of an Eyewitness
  • Challenging Whether the Evidence Sustains a Murder Conviction
  • Negotiation with the Prosecution to Determine if a Plea Agreement Could

Significantly Minimize the Charges or Penalties you Face

We have defended clients against murder charges and other felony violent crimes. You can be confident that you will have a highly skilled and dedicated defense lawyer who will advise you of your rights, help explain the process and work diligently to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime such as Homicide, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.



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Phoenix Crimes

Phoenix Police Searching for Woman

Starting a fire in a public place probably isn’t the smartest thing in the world. You’ll eventually get caught. Plus, that’s just plain rude.

The Phoenix police are needing help and asking for the public’s help finding a woman who recently started a fire in a local Phoenix restaurant.

According to reports, a woman entered a Los Toritos Mexican Restaurant which was located near 32nd Street and McDowell Road.

The police said that the suspect could be seen on surveillance video asking  an employee for a key to the bathroom and once inside she poured gasoline and then lit it on fire.

She then fled the restaurant in a dark colored pickup truck. The truck was waiting in an alley just north of the business.

The woman is described as being a Hispanic or as a white female. She was between twenty-two to thirty years old. She was described as 130-150 pounds and had dark colored hair. At the time she had baggy clothes on and a light colored knit hat. She was also reportedly carrying a large black purse. Police think that’s what she was carrying the gasoline in.

Phoenix Man Dead

Police say a Phoenix man was shot dead after confronting a suspected burglar outside his neighbor’s home late Wednesday.

The victim, whom police have not named, approached the burglar just before 10 p.m. in the 13000 block of North 34th Avenue, according to Sgt. Vince Lewis, a Phoenix police spokesman.

The burglar pulled out a firearm and shot the man before fleeing in a vehicle, Lewis said..

Phoenix Felony Defense Lawyer

Felony Criminal Offenses

Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC of Phoenix offers expert representation to clients accused of felony criminal offenses in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Felony Offenses are serious accusations where the court may sentence an individual to an Arizona State Prison rather than being sent to a county jail. If you are faced with a Felony criminal charge, contact our skilled attorneys immediately for a free consultation to discuss your case and begin working toward a legal resolution. Felony offenses can significantly impact your record and reputation and may be detrimental to your ability to obtain or continue viable employment positions. A Felony offense may carry large repercussions that can negatively impact your personal and civil rights.


Understanding Your Rights

It is important to fully understand your rights when you are facing a felony criminal offense and our expert attorneys will provide you with the necessary information that you need to be equipped for a successful case. In some circumstances, a Diversion Program may be established with alternative options other than jail or prison time. Felony Criminal Offense cases require careful examination to determine the status of your legal situation and to make efforts toward dismissing or removing detrimental felony allegations from your permanent record.


First Time Felony Defense

First-time offenders may be entitled to certain programs that can result in the dismissal or minimization of your charges. The Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC will go to battle on your behalf in an effort to find creative and alternative solutions that may result in the dismissal of your case and the removal of charges. Knowing the specific felony defense laws of Arizona is essential, and the expert attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC are well versed in Arizona-specific statutes. We can assist you with all elements of your case and will aggressively approach your situation for the most favorable possible outcome of full dismissal or your record expunged/sealed when possible.


Contact a Law Firm Right Away

If you or someone you know has been recently charged with a felony offense in the greater Phoenix area, please call the skilled Felony Offense Attorneys at the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC today for a free consultation. Whether you have been convicted of a First, Second or Third Degree Felony, our attorneys will assist you in maneuvering the Felony challenges of a DUI, a probation violation, traffic violations, failure to appear in court, if you have a warrant for your arrest or any other form of felony accusation.


Understanding the Different Types of Felonies

It is crucial to understand what type of felony offense you are facing so as to determine whether diversionary programs or alternative options may apply. Often times a pre-trial intervention is possible and our skilled attorneys will work hard to find any and all alternatives to avoid conviction and the negative impacts a felony offense will have on your permanent record.

Free Consultation – Phoenix Felony Defense Lawyer

With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.

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Phoenix Domestic Abuse

Phoenix Principal and Wife Accused of Abuse

When you think of school, you think of safety. You don’t think of some one assaulting someone. However, according to reports, a Phoenix high school principal as well as his wife are both are accused of assault.

Ricardo Cordova is the principal at Carl Hayden High School.  Brisa Cordova, his wife is a teacher at Trevor Browne High School.

According to police their arrests come from a domestic violence issue at their home. They are now facing charges for misdemeanor assault.

Statement from Phoenix Union High School District:

“Phoenix Union is aware of the recent arrests. This is a police matter.  We will make the appropriate steps when and if necessary to address this issue internally, and ultimately make a decision that is in the best interest of our students, staff and community.”

Man is Dead After Domestic Abuse Call

A domestic abuse case can always turn pretty ugly, but one doesn’t usually end in death.

However, according to the police a man is dead after a car chase. The car chase stemmed from a domestic violence call in Sahuarita.

The man was identified as twenty-nine year old, Richard T. Herrera Jr. The Sahuarita Police Department said that the domestic violence call came in just a little before 11:30 on Saturday night. That’s when three officers went to the scene.

Police said that Herrera tried to run them over in a small car, however they since have rescinded that claim.

Herrera was accused of assaulting other people and being heavily intoxicated before beginning the chase.  The chase ended rather quickly, just five miles away in the 1300 block of Calle de la Plaza. Herrera had a gun and there were three officers were involved in the shooting. Luckily no officers were injuried but Herrera was pronounced dead at the scene.


News Release Statement:

Officers gave verbal commands for Herrera to raise his hands; however, he raised a loaded 9mm pistol, fired at least one shot while sitting in the driver’s seat. It’s unknown the exact direction the gun was pointed when it was fired, but Herrera then pointed the gun toward officers. Officers returned fire, striking Herrera. Herrera was the sole occupant of the car and there are no other outstanding suspects.


Phoenix Violent Crimes Lawyer

Criminal Defense Cases

If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can secure your rights. A skilled lawyer will not only look for ways to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed but will also focus on developing an effective criminal defense trial strategy. At Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we have a substantial background defending clients accused of violent crimes in the state of Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our lead criminal defense attorney, Daniel Perlman, is a former prosecutor who previously pursued charges against individuals suspected of violent crimes. Mr. Perlman and the entire Perlman Law Group offer a comprehensive view of the criminal justice system and know the right steps to take in developing a defense strategy while seeking to mitigate any potential damage.


Our ability to work with the facts in plea negotiations can turn a weak defense into a strong one. In our experience, a creative approach to your defense strategy can result in a sentence of probation or work release, even on a felony plea.


Effective Defensive Strategy for Violent Crimes

As a starting point for an effective defense strategy, we will evaluate the police report, witness statements and any physical evidence. Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC takes its approach a step further through identifying creative solutions by focusing on the actual risk of punishment you are currently facing. The threat of prison will probably be based as much on your prior record as it will be on the facts of the current criminal charges.


Our firm handles cases involving all types of Violent Crime allegations, including:

  • Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Armed Robbery
  • Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
  • Criminal Threats
  • Gang-Related Crimes
  • Resisting Arrest and Assault on an Officer
  • Domestic Violence


If weaknesses in the government’s case mean that you stand a good chance of success at trial, we will aggressively represent your interests before a jury. If the evidence against you makes a trial too risky, we will advise you and work with all parties — including prosecutors, probation officers, court services and community agencies — to show that you are an excellent candidate for favorable treatment.


Schedule a Free Consultation –  Phoenix Violent Crimes lawyer

If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.

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Arizona Athletes And Sexual Abuse Cases

Former Coach Arrested for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is horrible. However, one of the lowest forms of abuse, is coming from someone you trust. Whether it’s from a family member or from a teacher you’re scared for life.

A former Scottsdale cheerleader coach is now arrested for accusations saying he was molesting two of his former athletes.

There are new court documents that show that twenty-one year old, Yohel Gattaz will now face one count of child molestation, as well as two counts of sexual conduct with a minor, two counts of sexual abuse, and one count of aggravated assault on a  minor. Pretty serious charges.

According to reports, Gattaz had worked at the Desert Storm Elite in Scottsdale for a little less than a year. The incidents were said to have happened between January and March 2016. Eric Contreras who is the owner of the gym, confirmed that Gattaz was fired in May.


Eric Contreras Statement:

It was difficult because we do extensive background checks on all our employees and there was no criminal record. We take very good care of our kids and our families. It’s a safe place for children it always has been and always will be.


The court paperwork showed that the Phoenix Police had recieved a report about the sexual abuse on May 17th. They then contacted the victims mother. The mother made a report to the police that there could have been another child that had fallen as prey to Yohel. The other victim’s mother contacted the Scottsdale Police Department.

The girls were both fourteen years old. They both told the police that they had been inappropriately touched by Gattaz on separate incidents. One of the girls say that they had tried to roll away from Gattaz but he grabbed her and pulled her back towards him.

The other victim was upset and told the police “This isn’t right, this is illegal”.


Phoenix Girls Suffer from Sexual Abuse


In the court records, the locations of where the girls suffered the sexual abuse was not listed. There were some e-mails sent to the parents though that stated that the incident happened off the gym’s property. The e-mail also said that all of the Desert Storm Elite employees have to pass a background check. Gattaz passed his background check.

The owner is very adamant about the abuse not taking place at the gym property. He also makes it clear that nothing like this has ever happened at the gym before.

The parents wrote to the local news, they were worried that Gattaz could have even more victims that might be scared to come forward. He was very close to the teens at the gym and he did have to spend a lot of time on the road with them for competitions.

Gattaz was arrested on June 16th and he immediately requested an attorney. Since he asked for an attorney he was not asked any questions.

The mother of two, Pam White said that one of her daughters were also coached by Gattaz last  year. She also said that she had never had any issues with the gym. She said that Gattaz was very professional.


Pam White’s Statement about Yohel:

I’ve always had a positive experience at the gym. The gym has become a second family for my daughters and I’ve always felt I’ve been very well informed by the gym with information parents needed to note.


She also said said that she will wait until after the police finish with their investigation before she will make the decision to let Yohel coach her child again or not.

Yohel’s attorney, Matt Hilscher said that “it’s important to remember at this point these are merely allegations” he also said that since Yohel is in ” this line of work makes him susceptible to these types of allegations”.

The online jail records show that a judge had set Gattaz bone at $150,000. His next court appearance is on July 1st.

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Homicide Shooting

Woman Missing After Complex Shooting


Shootings rarely end well. Someone is hurt or killed and the suspect usually flees. Shooting cases can sometimes go unsolved for quite a while.

A lot of shooting cases become homicides pretty quickly. A homicide is when someone deliberately and unlawfully kills someone. Which makes it easy to understand why a shooting turns into a homicide. Usually you aren’t shooting at someone to do them any good. A shooting is to harm someone.

The Phoenix Police Department is now looking for a woman who can not be found. They’re searching for her because a man was shot and killed at an apartment complex.

According to the reports, a one year old child as well as a woman, Veronica Huerta Brown were not found after a man was killed on a Saturday night. The man was shot at an apartment complex, which is located near the 12th Street and Indian School Road.

The investigators said that the child and Brown were in a vehicle with the victim when the victim was then ordered out of the vehicle by two men. According to the police, the men shot the victim and then took the child from him.

At this time, it’s unclear if the woman and child were abducted by the suspects or whether they fled the scene separately.

The Phoenix Police gave an update about the situation on Sunday morning. They say that the child was luckily found safely however, Brown had not been found at this time. They are worried about Brown’s safety and are searching for her.

Police spokesman, James Holmes Statement:

We believe that all three, the victim, Veronica and (the child), arrived at this apartment complex, just before the shooting, together in a vehicle.

Holmes gave a description of the shooters, saying that they were described as Hispanic men. The men seemed to be at the apartment complex and they ordered the victim to get out of the car with the child.

Holmes’ Statement:

At that point, the suspect grabbed the child and fired on the victim and took the child and he left.

There were witnesses at the scene and they told the Phoenix Police that they had hear at least four gunshots.

Neighbor, Jennalee Yazzie’s Statement:

It was like, ‘Pom pom,’ and then, ‘Pom pom,’.


The police have no definite answers on whether the woman and the child were abducted by the suspects or if they actually fled the scene separately.

Holmes’ Statement:

We believe that all three, the victim, Veronica and (the child), arrived at this apartment complex, just before the shooting, together in a vehicle.

Holmes also said that the two shooters were already at the apartment complex and then ordered the victim to get out of the car with the child.

Holmes said that at that point of the situation, the suspect quickly grabbed the child and fired on the victim. He then took the child and left.

Neighbor, Bryan Cunningham’s Statement:

He said it was a very small white hatchback, is what he saw. And [the car] was moving quite fast, getting right out of there after the shots and the screams.


The witnesses also told the police that there were at least two male suspects that got away from the complex. They were in a 90’s model vehicle that is either a white Honda or could be a white Taurus.

At this time, it’s not clear what relationship the victim had with the two suspects or with the missing Brown woman, who police are still searching for. Police also don’t know what the relation was to the woman and child with the suspects or if there was one at all.

Holmes Statement:

We have to consider that both this female and this child, based on the violence that occurred here this afternoon, could very well be in danger.


Police are now looking for the 90’s model vehicle that fled the scene. The incident happened in the back parking lot of an apartment complex.

If anyone has any information at all as to where Brown may be, they are encouraged to please call the Phoenix Police Violent Crimes Bureau at (602) 262-6141. Of course, as always calls can remain anonymous.


Drive-By Shooting in Phoenix

A drive by shooting that happened on the outside of a Phoenix bar could have been pretty devastating. The police are still looking for answers regarding this case.

According to the news reports, there was a light colored Jeep that was seen outside of the Charley’s Place Bar at the 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road which happened after three o’clock in the morning on August 18, 2015.

According to a report there was an person in a Jeep SUV who reportedly fired several rifle rounds into the bar. Luckily, no one was injured during the shooting.

Silent Witness is offering a reward for any information that may be helpful in this unsolved case. They are offering $1,000.00.

If you have any information on this case, please contact the Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.


Hopefully the shootings in Phoenix slow down and end in less fatalities like this drive by bar shooting. Shootings are scary but it’s a little less scary when no one is hurt. Which is rare in a shooting, especially in a drive by shooting.



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