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Trial Beginning For Man Who Is Charged With Mailing Bomb

Homemade Bomb Maker Case Goes to Trial


Today a jury selection is starting to begin for the Oklahoma man who allegedly (and was charged with) mailing an inoperable homemade bomb to the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Of course, Gregory Lynn Shrader has pleaded not guilty to the “federal charges” against him. Gregory is from Jay, Oklahoma. Doesn’t seem like a sweet Oklahoman could be so cruel as to send a bomb to someone, however it’s really hard to tell who is a criminal these days.
The police investigators found the bomb back in April of 2013. The bomb was at a mail collection box unit located in Flagstaff. The bomb was made of “smokeless powder, wires, a battery, and a pressure-release switch attached to its lid”.


Homemade Bomb is a Dud

Police investigators soon figured out that the homemade bomb was really inoperable. However, there was some black powder inside of the box and that could have exploded or ignited in a flash fire. Thankfully whoever made the bomb didn’t do it well, or perhaps they just wanted to scare Officer Arpaio. Either way, the suspect Gregory is now going to trial for his cruel actions. After their investigation the police were able to disable the dud of a bomb.


Some evidence police have already gathered is that a woman had witnessed and even drove Gregory Shrader to northern Arizona. She saw Gregory place the parcel into the mailbox and he was wearing surgical-type gloves at the time he placed the box inside of the mail.


People get away with a lot of things these days. There’s nothing that you can’t find on the internet or television. This is good for entertainment however it’s not good for the community or the crime rate. With a witness, it doesn’t seem like Mr. Shrader will be getting away with his homemade bomb threat.



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