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Mexican Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

Forty Year Old Sentenced for Drug Trafficking


On Monday, A forty year old Mexican man was sentenced for a growing crime of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to seventeen and a half years in the Arizona Federal Prison for the Drug Trafficking crime. It seems like a harsher punishment is hopefully so others will see how wrong this is and spook them into quitting.


According to the Federal Prosecutors, The Mexican man’s name is Luis Enrique Villegas-Lugo. Back in February, Luis Enrique Villegas-Luga pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine”. I guess one good thing is he didn’t fight the charges, but usually pleading guilty gets you a slight lesser sentence.


Drug Trafficking Investigation

The police authorities say that the organization that operated this drug trafficking was originally investigated from July 2006 to September 2006 over the Phoenix area. The ring of drug traffickers allegedly imported methamphetamine from Mexico and then transported it to a stash house that was located in Phoenix. The drugs were then distributed to the waiting customers.

Police Seized Meth, Guns, and Drug Packaging Materials

During the investigation the investigating police law enforcement agents seized almost twenty pounds of meth as well as two handguns, two rifles, as well as some drug packaging materials from the stash house in Phoenix. Luis Enrique Villegas-Lugo was actually charged for the drug trafficking back in February of 2009. He is just now getting his sentencing which he got seventeen and a half years. The court probably allowed him the 5 years he already served to be taken off making him have twelve and a half more years to serve.

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Law Enforcement Makes Huge Drug Trafficking Bust

1,500 Pounds of Marijuana from Trafficking Group

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office made a huge breakthrough, a group of Valley and Federal Law-Enforcement agencies worked together to confiscate weapons, cash and at least 1,500 pounds of marijuana from a drug trafficking group. The group had been operating across the Phoenix area.

The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement was able to confiscate 1,710 pounds of marijuana. According to the Sheriff’s Office this was from six locations that was operating in the Metro Phoenix area. They were using the city as a distribution hub.

The Sheriff investigators believe that the locations are suspected to be under the direction of a foreign supplier. They first got a search warrant for every location, some of which included homes that were being used as drug “stash houses”. The officials made an arrest of seven different people that were believed to be involved in the drug enterprise.

According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, The Drug Enforcement were able to confiscate at least fifteen weapons and more than $60,000 in cash money. They also confiscated several vehicles from the locations.

Law Enforcement Worked Together to Bust the Drug Trafficking Operation

The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement strike force is made up of officials from the U.S. immigration and Custom’s Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Administration.


Three People Arrested in Narcotics Investigation

Narcotics Operation Under Investigation

According to the police, on Tuesday morning, a search warrant was served at a Phoenix home. The search brought up some high-powered weapons, drugs, and three or more people that were detained and brought into custody for being a part of an ongoing federal narcotics investigation.

The Phoenix division of the Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman, Ramona Sanchez stated that the search warrant was conducted at the home in the 39th and Peoria avenues around five:thirty in the evening.

Ramona also said that the secret operation targeted the methamphetamine-distribution network which happened to be operating in the Phoenix area.

According to Ramona the Maricopa County sheriff’s SWAT team assisted the  investigation. The DEA has at least three people in custody for the narcotics they also collected some high powered weapons, meth, marijuana and pills.

The U.S. Postal Service also helped with the investigation. Mark Mancuso of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service helped out in the ongoing narcotics trafficking investigation.