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Phoenix Shooting And Robbery

Robbery Suspect and Fatal Shooting

Phoenix gets slammed with robberies and there’s always a shooting. According to the Phoenix police, a local street vendor who sold food from a cart was sadly gunned down during an attempted robbery.

Sadly, fifty-nine year old Eladio Arrendand0-Estrada was fatally shot on Tuesday night when as he was running for his life from the two suspects who confronted him in a parking lot in north Phoenix.

Sgt. Alan Pfohl said that one of the suspects fired a shot into the ground in front of the victim’s bicycle then shot the victim when he turned and tried to run away from the situation.

Sgt. Pfohl said that the police asked for the public’s help with any information on this case.

The shooting happening near East Bell Road and North 26th Street.

Police Looking for Robbery Suspect

The San Diego Police are staying pretty busy lately had to search for the suspects in two separate robberies of Apple stores in the San Diego area.

According to the local reports, the first robbery took place at the Westfield UTC mall which is at the La Jolla Village Dr. reports started coming in at just a little before eleven a.m. however there was a second incident and it happened around thirty minutes later at the Fashion Valley mall which is located at 7007 Friars Road.

SDPD told local news’ Steve Florinia, that the suspect descriptions at both incidents were a match.

Reports from the police said that three men entered onto the ground level store of the mall and stole an unknown amount of merchandise and then fled into a waiting car. The description of the car was a Chevy four door sedan. The police said that the suspects then of course fled the scene, they mainly got away with computers and cell phones.

The suspects seemed to be in their twenties and were armed with knives. Luckily, they didn’t threaten or harm any customers or employees. The devices were simply stripped from the store’s tables when the thieves yanked them from their cords.

Phoenix Arrest Chili’s Robbery Suspect

Chili’s is a pretty popular restaurant. It’s great for family night or game time. The Phoenix Police have arrested a man who was in connection with the Chili’s which is on N North Valley Parkway on Sunday. The suspect, Jerry Krach was charged with Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault.

Robberies in Phoenix

The police say that the man had entered the restaurant which is located at, 34710 N North Valley Parkway around 8 in the evening. The man was wearing a mask and was armed with a shotgun. Police say that there were almost thirty people inside of the building as he shot into the ceiling then demanded money.

The man oddly fled the scene on an ATV.  Probably not the best getaway vehicle.

Later, the suspect was seen near 33rd Lane and Via Del Deserto. There he reportedly pointed a shotgun at someone else. A little gun happy that day apparently.

Not long later, the police answered a prowler call. The call came from a mobile home park which was on Black Canyon Highway.

There, a suspect which matched the description of the chili’s shooter. He was detained and identified as Krach.

Police then say he actually admitted to his involvement at the time of the arrest.



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