Police Find Alleged Kidnapping Wife Victim in Phoenix

Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Was Involved in Kidnapping His Wife


Police say that a wife has reportedly been kidnapped by her husband with a gun in the Phoenix area. The authorities have found the wife and she was luckily unharmed and now the man has been arrested.


Police say that some witnesses told them that a man had fired some shots from a car before he forced the woman into the vehicle on Monday. The witnesses also said that the woman had even jumped out of the car, however the man had forced her back inside of the vehicle. The car then drove away and the police were worried about the woman’s safety.


Kidnapping Victim Found


The thirty-four year old wife was found safe on Tuesday. Her name has not been released at this time. The man in the case, was thirty-four year old, Alejandro Valenzuela.


Alejandro told the police that his reasoning for kidnapping his was is that she told him after sixteen years of marriage that she wanted to leave him. The couple has two children.


Gabrielle Rogers, Neighbor Witness Statement:

I glanced out the window, saw the car, and was like, ‘that’s it’ and I called (police).


The neighbor couple has two girls of their own so they were pretty worried and not pleased to hear the gunshots outside of their home.


Chris Rogers Statement:

He was over there shooting in the air or shooting at her, nobody’s really sure. She’s yelling and screaming for help, everybody that was out here at the time didn’t know what to do, because obviously he was armed.It was a domestic violence incident that basically turned into a known-person kidnapping.


Thank goodness the Rogers family called the police about the possible kidnapping and the wife was safe when authorities found her.





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