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Home Grown Pot Plants Numbers Decreasing Due to Pot Dispensaries

Pot Dispensaries Help Lower Home Grown Pot Numbers


2014 was a big year for changes. Same sex marriages became legal in quite a few states and a lot of those states have agreed to legalize marijuana and Republicans are taking over. Everyone has an opinion on these huge changes, some good, some bad, some both. There’s good and bad in everything in my opinion, except marriages…people should marry whoever they want.


Anyways, pot dispensaries’ medical marijuana sales have grown a great bit in Arizona in 2014. The increase that state regulators attribute to fact that very few patients are allowed to grow their own. This is new, and they’re already talking about changes to the marijuana laws.


Marijuana Dispensaries Sales Grow


The State Department of Heath Services has said that the dispensaries has reported more than 1.4 million in sales. Which is equal to ten tons of marijuana, over 55,000 patients in 2014. That’s crazy! Great for those who truly need it though. According to the Health Department, that is up from the 2.7 tons sold in 2013.


According to the department, the 2014 usage would be close to a joint a day per patient. I guess that’s not too bad if you need it. It’d be like your morning thyroid or heart pill, only you smoke this.


Due to Arizona’s marijuana laws, patients who live farther than twenty-five miles from a dispensary are able to grow their own. A lot of people who need the medical marijuana probably can’t just up and drive that far, so it would make things much easier if they could grow their own.


However, with this law, very few patients are allowed to actually grow their own marijuana. Dispensary numbers are growing so that makes it hard to stay out side of that twenty-five mile range. There are now eighty-five dispensaries in Arizona that are operating. It is also recorded that almost 98 percent of the people who need the medical marijuana, usually live within twenty-five miles of the dispensaries.





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New Bill To Legalize Marijuana Use in Arizona

New Bill Makes It Legal to Use Marijuana in Arizona


Times are changing. Some things for the better, some things for the worse. You can be the judge of what’s good or bad. A state representative has now introduced a new bill that would make it legal the recreation use of marijuana in Arizona.


The new bill, House Bill 2007, will allow anyone who is o twenty-one or older to legally possess an ounce or less of marijuana.


If you are twenty-one or older, you could even legally grow at most five marijuana plants. You could even exchange an ounce of marijuana between people as long as your of age. However, you can not sale it.  There is going to be a tax of $50 that would be levied on every ounce that is transferred from a grow facility to a retail store.


Marijuana Bill Taxes Sales of Marijuana

Of course taxing things helps the state, fifty percent of the tax would actually go into Arizona’s “general” fund. Thirty percent of the tax would go towards the education and the rest of the tax would go to public health and education programs.


If you’re not a fan of marijuana, good news for you. Public smoking would still be banned on Marijuana use.


 Richard Baker (Who uses Marijuana for Medical Reason’s) Statement:

All these kids are doing to get it, and then what’s going to happen? We’re going to have a bunch of flunkies.


While Mr. Baker has to use the drug for rheumatoid arthritis, he knows first hand the negative side effects of marijuana. He says that marijuana has dulled his memory.


Stev-0’s Statement about Taxing Marijuana

I think it costs us more to try to stop it than what it would actually cost to allow it to be legal.


Stev-O admitted to using Marijuana for de-stressing and sporadic pains.


Right now the only place recreational use of marijuana is in Colorado and Washington State.




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Pot Dispensary Shut Down For No License

Pot Dispensary in Phoenix Closed Down for No Dispensary License

According to a Phoenix Police spokesman, a Phoenix pot dispensary has been shut down for lack of a dispensary license.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson, Phoenix spokesman, said that the investigators served a search warrant at the Green Thumb Academy. The store was at Seventh Street and Virginia. The search brought the detectives to finding six and a half pounds of high-grade marijuana.

Sgt. Thompson said that the police Drug Enforcement Bureau had been getting complaints from dispensaries that actually had a license about The Green Thumb Academy. The complaints claimed that The Green Thumb Academy was illegally posing as an authorized dispensary. That is what started the investigation that lasted several months.

Drug Enforcement Bureau officer, Lt. Darren Vine, said that the employees left the scene as soon as the police squads showed up that Thursday at the dispensary. After the authorities arrived inside, the manager of The Green Thumb was “less than forthcoming” with any information about the illegal dispensary.

At first the investigators didn’t know who truly knew about the “business” or not. They “employees” were called “volunteers”. According to Lt. Vine after the illegal business opened they started getting complaints about The Green Thumb taking business from legal dispensaries.

Lt. Vine Wasn’t Surprised by the Illegal Dispensary

Unfortunately we have operations like this that operate illegally.

Sgt. Thompson said that usually  in these type of cases they do not “go after” the customers, because the “business” is at fault and responsible for it. He also said that the illegal dispensary asked the customers to make a cash “donation” for the marijuana. The amount that they business requested is close to the same amount as on the street.

The illegal business showed all the signs of being a true, legal medical marijuana dispensary. However inside of the the store there was no liscense to be found. Police are still searching the premise and continuing their investigation.


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Medical Marijuana Still Counts as DUI

Court Ruling Proves Medical Marijuana Can Cause DUI


People have been speculating like crazy ever since laws have been passing for the use of Marijuana medical or residential. Citizens have had a ton of questions how this is going to work? What if someone uses Marijuana and then drives? Will they be punished? Is there a limit to how much you can smoke? How do you know how that will affect the person using it?


Arizona lawmakers have answered some of those tough questions. A recent court ruling says that Arizona residents who have Medical Marijuana Cards that allows them to legally smoke pot can and will be prosecuted under certain laws against driving under the influence while they have Marijuana in their system.


Court Rules For Making it Possible for DUI if Using Marijuana


A state Court of Appeals panel, which consists of three judges has ruled just last month, that a medical Marijuana user is not immune from prosecution under the DUI laws. Seems like Arizona law is making it pretty clear they are not allowing people to use Marijuana as an excuse to drive recklessly. There was a different panel of Court of Appeals judges who has also reached the same decision in a ruling on Tuesday.


The worries comes from a case of two defendants who both had medical marijuana cards. The two defendants tried to point at a medical marijuana law provision that would provide partial legal shield for the use of marijuana (pot) that is prescribed by a physician. Of course, the latest ruling shows that physicians do not actually prescribe medical marijuana, they just certify a patient’s eligibility to do so.


So don’t think you can get a little buzz then drive and say it’s ok because it’s medical marijuana, that excuse won’t work in Arizona.




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