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Phoenix Mother Arrested for Child Abuse

Mother Arrested for Child Abuse in Phoenix

A mother in the Phoenix area has been arrested for the suspicion of abusing her eight year old little girl.

The twenty-nine year old mother, Donielle Joyce King actually admitted to throwing a CD case at her daughter. Which injured the young girls foot in the process.

The daughter told the authorities that her mother or aunt had also hit her. The little girl did have other visible signs of injury.

King then denied hitting her child but was still booked into jail on one count of child abuse.

Another Mother Arrested for Child Abuse

Child abuse, in my opinion, is one of the worst crimes that can be done. There has been new details arise in a case against a twenty-seven year old, Phoenix resident, Alejandrina Angel Flores who has been charged with six counts of child abuse.

According to the court details, the Phoenix Police Department had received a call from Flores’ own sister about a domestic violence situation at Flores’ apartment. The sister said that Flores’ boyfriend was holding a knife in a “threatening way”. However when the police arrived to the scene things were very different.

Phoenix Officer, Anthony Daley was one of the officers on scene. His statement about what happened when he got to the scene is pretty graphic. The apartment was at 37th Avenue and Camelback Road.

Daley and two other officers arrived to the scene just after 9 p.m. According to officer Daley, when Flores opened the door there was an overwhelming odor of “decomposing trash and food” he said that it was very “hard to breath”.

Flores told the police officers that the story about her boyfriend was true.

Daley said that when he arrived he saw six kids in the home, ranging from a few months old, one, two, three, five, and six years old.

Child Abuse Case Found on Scene

Daley describes the horrible condition of the children. He said that the baby was laying on her back on the couch and her diaper was full, appearing not to have been changed in quite some time. The other children in the home were wearing dirty clothes and had not been changed or bathed in several days.

All six of the children were covered in dirt. According to Daley, the one year old was walking around wearing no clothes at all. The poor baby had a diaper rash and a sore on her little butt cheek. There was also feces between the child’s butt cheeks.

Officer Daley was “horrified” by the scene in front of him so he then asked Flores if he would conduct a welfare check in the apartment. Flores agreed to the welfare check.

The six kids shared a bag of gummies while Daley looked through the two bedroom apartment.

Daley’s Written Statement:

When walking on the floor, my shoe would stick, It appeared the floors have no been washed in several weeks [and] were covered in food, trash, and dirt.


Daley even saw a wall outlet with something electrical hanging out of it which was in the living room. In the kitchen he found that the sink faucet running over a large pile of dirty dishes. The refrigerator and freezer was dirty and he even saw cockroach eggs in the corners of the ceiling. How disgusting!

Daley wrote, “There [were] cockroaches walking all over the wall and ceiling in every room.

Those poor children. I feel so sorry that they had to deal with this! In the bathroom of the apartment, he found a nasty toilet which was filled with feces and dirty toilet paper. He also said that the floor was covered in trash as well as soiled diapers. The roaches were so bad that they were crawling out of the shower drain!

In the hallway Daley saw a “unknown yellow liquid puddle”. He asked the oldest child to show him where the child slept, the boy pointed to one of the two bedrooms. Daley then went to see the bedroom. The room had no bad and no light fixtures.

Daley’s Statement:

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