Woman Almost Attacked Outside of Local Walgreens

Woman Barely Escapes Being Attacked at Local Walgreens


Times are getting hard for people. It’s really not safe to travel alone. It’s horrible you can’t even go to the local Walgreens without being attacked by someone. On Wednesday a lady was almost attacked by a man outside of a Walgreens pharmacy. According to the police department, A man had followed a woman to her car and then threatened to handcuff her.


Police said that a woman had noticed that a man was sitting on a bench outside of the pharmacy before she went inside the store around 11:37 in the morning.. The Walgreens was located close to Greenway and Dysart Roads. The footage from the security camera from the inside of the store showed that the man was walking into the store just a few minutes after the lady did. The man left thirty seconds after she left, according to the police. As the suspect was in the store he asked the store clerk to page someone for him.


Woman Escapes Man Stalking her Outside of Walgreens Pharmacy


The woman then got into her car and immediately locked the doors. She then noticed that the suspect was approaching her. That poor woman must have been terrified! The suspect then began pulling on the passenger door handle trying to get into her car. The man even took out a pair of handcuffs and told the poor scared woman that he would actually put them on her if she did not open the door.  Luckily the woman knew better and quickly just drove away. She immediately called 911. The suspect is being described as a male of the Hispanic or Native American descent. He appeared to be in his late forties. So ladies, becareful out there!


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